Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mitt Romney, President of the United States

This morning I had a dream about Mitt Romney as President of the United States. There were two scenes to the dream.

In the first scene, I was in Washington, D.C. standing in this long line of people. We were going to the Inauguration of Mitt Romney. People were very happy; they were shouting, "Romney, President! Romney, President!" It looked like we were somewhere close to the White House.

In the second scene, I was wearing a coat and tie and I was in this big building. There were a lot of people in this building. They were sitting down at these tables having dinner. It looked like it was part of the post Inaugural festivities. It looked like everybody was very happy.


Dreams from the LORD 2011
12 June 2011

Last night I had a dream where I was campaigning for Mitt Romney for President. I was dressed in a coat and tie and in a nice dress coat. I was in this big tent and there were people there. I met Mitt Romney and shook his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Governor Romney.”

Later in the dream, there were a lot of people on this street. There I saw President George W. Bush.


Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
4 December 2008

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was with Mitt Romney the former Governor of Massachusetts. He had bought many gifts for some people. Mitt Romney and I walked to this place where there were many people gathered--it looked like a big picnic. I helped Mitt Romney pass out the gifts to the people at the picnic. It was a fairly long dream; I don't remember all of the details.


Dreams from the LORD 2011-2012
1 May 2012

Last night I had a dream where I was Mitt Romney's bodyguard.


21 November 2012

Last night I had a dream where I was talking with Mitt Romney and his wife.  I then said something like, "Good to see you, President Romney."

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  1. Randy:

    If I am hearing from God, Mitt Romney won't be running against Barack Obama in 2012 because Obama will be gone (resign?). Maybe Romney will run against Joe Biden or some other cannon fodder democrat.


    "Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006"
    9 December 2003

    Somewhere in August or September of 2000 I had a dream where George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were sitting and I was standing behind them. I was crouching down a little with my arms out-stretched, embracing them. We were all smiling. I knew that George W. Bush would be President after that dream.

    In the year 2003, I had two dreams where I saw George W. Bush and myself. In one of the dreams, I was sitting at a table with George W. Bush and some other people and we were talking to each other.

    I started having dreams from the Lord in 1990. Around 7 September of that year, I had a dream of a miscarriage of a young lady I knew in Ames, Iowa. The miscarriage happened on 7 January 1991. I had several dreams concerning this woman while I was living in Ames. I thought that the reason why I had several dreams concerning this young lady was that she would be my wife someday. But now I look back and I believe the Lord was telling me that the reason she had the miscarriage was because of the dead church that she belonged to—-they rejected the Holy Ghost, they did not live by faith and they were conformed to the world.

  2. Great blog I wanted to sub, but did not see where or how, so A nice layout and great content a blessing, I will be reading from now on.
    On Mitt, well the Bildebergers have chosen none other than Gov Perry of TX, I thought Mitt was a sure deal, but looks like Perry will be the chosen one of the elite, Mitt or perry, or anyone, same thing, same banker puppets and same old same old, I agree Obama is a one term Prez, just as Jimmy Carter came out of no where and was chosen my the trilateral commission, Obama is a one term, man the elite are a white boys club, they used him to destroy more of Americas freedom, and work on the same things, even worse than Bush, wild. The elite have a game, its all in the family, but a game, who will be the one to bring down America and join the NWO, I say Perry wins, I had a word from God, the day Rhomn left the top level white house. I said something is up, just after that I heard is was running for Mayor of Chicago, at the time, the press said he had no chance at all, I posted on a few sites right after his announcement that he would win, by hook or crook and it would serve as a sign that Gods Judgment in 2011 would indeed be a real word, Emmanuel, his God is with America the Lord his God Satan and his name had meaning big time The lord said this would be a sign, I Posted it and was called crazy, well no one is saying I am crazy anymore, its God not me I am a no one, and may it be so.
    Hope we can connect and if you never visited my blog God told me to call for a Fast on Aug 7 2011, not for the nation, like Perry's so called fast on the 6th I only learned of that after the 7th date that is wild, he is 100% NWO and to in the name of God, call for a fast for the nation, please, So pass the word, after you read about the fast and if you feel its of the Lord, please pass the info ON. It is a call to a fast for the true Christians world wide and only them, a different fast.
    Thanks for the post and great site
    In Christ
    P.S. let me know how to follow and sub, I just did not see it

  3. Dan: Thank you for your comments. To follow someone's blog, you need to go to the top of the page and click-on to "Follow".

    About Mitt Romney as President. This isn't what I have read or what I think, but it is what the Lord has shown me in a dream. The Lord puts people in power who He wants. If a nation is in sin, then He will put a wicked man in power; if a nation repents and turns to God, then He will put a righteous man in power.

  4. Mister Romney will have our vote. May this dream come to pass.

  5. Last night I had a dream where I was Mitt Romney's bodyguard.


    "Vicarious Intercession"

    Paga (Intercession)

    "Two Emails (Intercession)"

  6. Mitt Romney may win. About a month ago while I was in bed praying I heard "Washington DC;" then I heard, "and they voted" and saw Romney.

  7. Thanks, Cynthia. This is perfect timing. Just yesterday I hitchhiked from Jackson, Wyoming to Driggs, Idaho. I was talking with a newspaper publisher in Driggs and I told him that I had a dream that Mitt Romney would be our next President.

  8. May he indeed be, for Israel's and America's sake; and for His glory! God bless.

  9. Tim,
    I was sent this the other day, thought to share it with you-- confirmation that Romney will be President.

    I have so many questions I have been seeking the Lord about. One is why are there so many Christians with differing "prophecies" about who is going to win?
    And why are there 64,000 YouTube videos of people saying Obama is the Antichrist? Its crazy! And then there are lots of Christians saying they had a dream or word or whatever that Obama will win. Its very confusing. Why do you think this is Tim?

  10. Because some or most of these people are speaking from their own heart--not the Holy Spirit. I do know that Barack Obama is operating under a Satanic anointing--just like Adolf Hitler--but I believe that our prayers will kick Obama out of office.

    About the dreams I have had about Mitt Romney. They have all been positive. After one dream about Romney, I was attacked by the devil in my sleep. I have had a few dreams about Obama and they have all been negative; it's like the Lord was warning me about Obama.

    I remember the 2008 campaign. I watched a few of the crowds that Obama spoke to. Their eyes were glazed over like they were in a Satanic trance--just like the Germans in the 1930s when Hitler spoke to the German people--you can see it on old newsreels.

    The Lord put Obama in the White House to embarrass and humiliate the United States because so many people have turned their backs on God.

    1. Very very interesting- listen to the first part of the Trunews radio show from Friday Oct 19th. Rick Wiles says that something has changed in the spirit realm and that Romney will win.

  11. MMm..: Romney may run and win in 2016. The dream doesn't say when Romney would become President.