Sunday, October 7, 2012

Immigration: Doing It The Right Way

This is from Bill Patchett's Conservative View Point blog:

Sometime ago, when I was in the electrical business full time, I answered a service call in the town of Federalsburg, which is located in the tax and spend state of Maryland. I had the opportunity to meet an elderly lady who owned the house and lived there by herself. She was a very nice lady, who reminded me of every good thing that people should be. When we entered her house it was like going back in time. She was, in fact, American as any person could be. My son who was with me on the call said that she was remarkable for her age. She must have been in her late eighties.

While we were there fixing her electric problems we noticed that she had Fox News on the TV and they were showing illegal Mexicans coming across the southern border of our country. The elderly woman was watching and listening to the story. After the news story ended she turned and with tears in her eyes, said: "This is not the way my husband and I came to this country"  I asked her if she was okay and that is when she pointed, without saying a word, at two framed documents on the wall that were side by side. One had her deceased husbands name on it and the other had her name on it. I then noted the location on the wall were they were and they were put so anybody, who entered her house, could see them.

The framed documents were certificates showing that the lady and her husband were from Romania and had immigrated to this country in 1945 by entering Ellis Island and had fulfilled all the unnecessary requirements to enter this country. One of those requirements was to learn the English language and to study the history of this country. She spoke perfect English. If she did not tell me that she was not born in this country I would not known it. She was as American As a person could be.

As we finished the job she offered me coffee and as I sat there with her she told me about some of her life. She came from a country that was poor, no jobs, no opportunities to make things better. She said when she came to this country she considered herself blessed. She did not bring Romania with her to be a part of this country. She wanted to be an American, not change America. Her husband and her never asked once for help or assistance of any kind. They worked different jobs, bought their self a house, and just blended in, to become a part of America and her ideals.  I walked out of that house blessed, thankful to have met this woman. I thanked God that I met this woman and was allowed to hear her story of the American dream that came true.

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  1. Yep, same with my grandfather. He was 6 years old fresh off the boat from Italy when he landed on Ellis Island in New York, NY USA. He always insisted his children speak ENGLISH and Italian was their second language. This is not the case with most of the New Age Immigrant. I saw first hand how the Mexicans (most of them at least)consider English their second or not even important to learn. I lived in California for over 15 years. I speak Spanish fluently and have many Mexican American friends.

  2. If I am going to live in a foreign, non-English speaking country for a number of years, I should learn THEIR language. It is the height of arrogance to think that they should speak my language.