Friday, July 26, 2013

A New Pair of Boots

This morning I got a ride from Belgrade to the intersection of I-90 and U.S. 287 near Three Forks, Montana.  I walked north on U.S. 287 for two or more miles and saw this concrete culvert in the distance.  Since I didn't get much sleep the night before (I slept in a gravel pit), I thought that I would roll out my sleeping bag inside the culvert and take a nap out of the sun.

I walked down into the ditch, stepped into the culvert and saw these boots laying on the concrete slab.  The boots I had been wearing were really wore out, torn up, had lots of holes in them--my left boot had some duct tape on it holding it together--they looked more like glorified sandals than boots.

I put down my backpack, took off my old boots and put on my new boots.  They were pretty tight-fitting--but they looked virtually brand new with a little dried mud on the soles.

I thanked the Lord for the new boots and rolled out my sleeping bag on the concrete slab.  I took a nap for almost an hour and then loaded up my backpack and hit the road.

I walked north for half a mile and put down my backpack on the side of the road.  This guy picked me up and took me to Townsend where he dropped me off and gave me a loaf of bread.  I was very grateful.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Wedding Apocalypse


By The Mad Jewess

The Wedding day of doom
A storm of fire…blackened plumes
Smoke in the billows of clouds.

A morning in white turned into a day of fright.
A Scripture came to mind;
The days of Lot
People….eating, drinking, making merry
The day came upon us, it did not tarry.

We didn’t believe it would come to an end, not at a wedding, where there is feasting and friend.

We coddled the enemy
Built their cities
They laughed in our face
Without any pity.


Profiles happy on a sunny day
Turned to devastation, from the battle array.

Fire, smoke and gas, all over our land
It went according to their devices and plan.

Babies gone, women in turmoil, the men have gone
Taken their spoil.

A dove of peace..
Will it settle the mind?
Has God forsaken
While America is left behind?

God has turned his back on the slaughter, we rejected his love, our children, we have martyr’d.

Waiting for rapture to unveil, yet God looked away, his word will prevail.
Apocalypse now, on a wedding day.

Repent America,
Or…The enemy will have his way.