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George Fox Warning False Christians

George Fox (1624-1691)

Here is some commentary on George Fox by Hall Worthington:

But, for those who preached and taught in error without the words from the Spirit of God, Fox's criticisms were definitely harsh.
He was critical of religious leaders in hopes of motivating them to stop teaching the words of the Bible, without the words of the Spirit. Here is an example, Fox writing to the Puritan priest of Ulverstone, to which Margaret Fox listened before she became a Quaker.
The word of the Lord to you, 0h Lampitt! You are a deceiver, surfeited and drunk with the earthly spirit, rambling up and down in the scriptures, and blending your spirit among the saints' conditions. You had a prophecy, as your father Balaam had; but you erred from it, as your father did. One whose fruit has withered, (of which I am a witness), and many who have known your fruit have seen the end of it, that it is withered; and do see where you are, in the blind world, a blind leader of the blind; a beast wallowing and tumbling in the earth and in the lust; one that is erred from the spirit of the Lord, of old ordained to condemnation. You are in the seat of the Pharisees, are called master by men, stand praying in the synagogues, and have the chief seat in the assemblies; a right hypocrite in the steps of the Pharisees, and in the ways of your fathers, the hypocrites, which our Lord Jesus Christ cried woe against. Such with the light you are seen to be, and by the light are comprehended; which is your condemnation who hate it, and will be so eternally except you repent. To you this is the word of God; for in Christ's way you are not, but in that of the Pharisees, as you may read in Mat 23. All that own Christ's words can see you in the Pharisees way. Christ, who died at Jerusalem, cried woe against your kind; and Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The woe remains upon you, and from under it you can never escape, except through judgment, condemnation, and true repentance. To you this is the word of God. To that of God in your conscience I speak, which will witness the truth of what I write, and will condemn you. And when you are in your torment, (though now you swell in your vanity, and live in wickedness), remember you were warned in your lifetime. When the eternal condemnation is stretched over you, you shall witness this to be the word of the Lord God to you; and if ever your eye should see repentance, you would witness me to have been a friend of your soul. (Notice Fox speaks the words from the Spirit of God, often in the presence of God, in the Kingdom of God; click here to see more examples).
But in his day, Christ was also extremely judgmental of those who taught religion in error. For example, here is what Christ had to say about those preachers and teachers who had not been purified within their hearts: 
See Jesus' Criticisms for many more.

And John the Baptist had this to say about hypocritical religious leaders:
Yes, Fox was very critical of the religious teachers, priests/preachers, and to a lesser degree, to the professed believers of his day.
But that is because they were false Christians - they had not been changed in heart, purified, crucified of their lusts and affections.
To be a preacher, they must be trained and authorized by Christ himself, with his spirit guiding their words.
Those who taught error were blind guides, leading others into the ditch and to destruction. 

By the 1800's on, Quakers in general judged their founder's criticisms and vocal opposition to the Protestant and Catholic sects and priests to be appalling. The later Quakers judged their founders to be intolerant, rude, unloving, judgmental, etc. This is the case of unfinished  men of the flesh judging a spiritual man obviously under control of the Spirit of God; likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities, Jude 1:8-10. Fox and many of the early Quakers were in the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore heavenly dignities, deserving of respect. A man of the flesh is without understanding and supremely arrogant to judge a man of the spirit. A man of the flesh cannot comprehend the degree to which false prophets are held in contempt by God, and therefore spared no extent of verbal lashing, especially when in a debate with others listening who might have been misled.

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  1. From “Mother of 6 Yr Old Shares Son’s Visions”:

    “I then did an exercise with him, and went through a few other preachers on youtube to find out the degree of their light around their bubbles. Kyle used this analogy to describe the degree of brightness or lack of it. He was the one that shared this with me without any prompting on my end and he has no knowledge of this concept. He has described the body of Christ to me, illustrating Jesus at the head, right on top, according to him now, Kyle n I are located at the chin. Here I list some of the preachers that we checked while doing the ‘Check that Preacher’ exercise. Closer the preacher is to the top of the head (where Jesus is illustrated to be), the closer the preacher is walking with the Lord, and the brighter is the bubble.

    “Preachers like Paul Washer and Pastor JD Faraq – At the Nose Pastor Loran Livingston of Central Church of God in North Carolina – at the Forehead area. Perry Stone is at the chest area Jonathan Cahn is at the chin area. Crefro Dollar – at the neck Jesse Duplantis – at the waist T.D. Jakes – at the waist Rod Parsley – at the stomach Paula White – at the stomach Paul White – also at the stomach Joyce Meyer – at the waist Phil Pringer – at the foot Sid Roth – this was very interesting. I showed him a video of SId Roth in Jan 2012, and another in Dec 2012. With the video in Jan, he pointed that Sid Roth was located at the foot, then in Dec 2012 – he pointed that he is at the waist, and Kyle remarked, “His brightness has improved!” Billy Graham – at the toes! (MOD EDIT: Benny Hinn not Billy Graham) Joseph Prince has a dark bubble and this was a shocker when I heard it, he is not even a part of the body, not even on the foot! His standing is out of the body of Christ! The other person that wins him hands down is Joel Osteen. Osteen is out of the body, further away then Prince, and Kyle’s remark, ‘He does not know Jesus.'”