Friday, April 10, 2015

Hitchhiking in the State of Washington

Last month I was hitchhiking east on U.S. 12 near Dayton, Washington.  This guy pulled over in his pickup and gave me a ride all the way to Kooskia, Idaho.  His name was Larry and he was a Christian.  We had very good fellowship.

We were driving close to Clarkston, Washington when he asked me if I needed anything.  I told him that I could use a new pair of pants.  So we went to this store and Larry bought me a pair of paints and some other clothes.  He then took me out to eat and drove me all the way to Kooskia (which was way out of his way).  He gave me a hundred-dollar bill and I was able to get a motel room for the next two nights.  I was very grateful.

After I stayed in Kooskia, I hitchhiked into Montana.

Here is an email from Larry that I received earlier today:

"I called Gene after I saw you.  He didn't know of anyone wanting work, but we had a nice visit.  He told me I should buy your books which I was planning on it anyway.  I've read the paper back [High Plains Drifter] and my son is reading it.  I am going to read the other one soon too.  I picked up a hitch hiker today by Umatilla and took him to Biggs near The Dalles [Oregon].  I gave him $50.00.  He was pretty teary and appreciative.  When I got saved it was a week after I turned 21.  I'm 64 now.  I use to do quite a bit of soul winning back then.  I feel like I dropped the ball today and was supposed to at least explain the plan of salvation to the hiker today.  I asked God to bring some one across his path that doesn't drop the ball.  I really think after spending time with you I have a lot more compassion and maybe I am supposed to stop and smell the coffee instead of going a hundred miles per hour with my business.  I can't put my finger on it, but I think something is up.  I hope to see you again some time. Your friend in Christ.  Larry."

Book Review:  High Plains Drifter


  1. Here is an email that I read earlier today:

    Hello Tim,

    I'm Larry's son Travis. He gave you a ride to Kooskia a couple weeks ago. My dad gave me your "High Plains Drifter" book to read. I just finished it today at work waiting for the guys to finish prepping a roof to recoat. I enjoyed the book. It's inspiring to see someone wholly trust God and successfully live as free as you do. This past year has been a whirlwind of reconnection with God, my wife, new baby and family. I was invited to join a "leadership" study group with our pastor at church along with a couple other guys. It has proved to be so much more than simple leadership lessons and has made me grow more than I could have ever done on my own. The most recent book was "With" by Skye Jethani. It talks about the different ways people relate to God and the Holy Spirit. So many people want God to bless them for living a certain way, tithing a certain way or behaving a certain way, many miss simply living with God and simply seeking Him. Enjoying His presence now vs viewing this life as an uncomfortable intermission before the true reward in heaven. While heaven will be glorious, I believe God meets us where we are now and shows himself daily. After reading that book along with yours, you seem to model this more or less and relate to God in a very authentic way. I feel that is the direction God is leading me. Slow down, enjoy those around me, love, serve, and seek God. While relatively foreign to me in the past for the most part, I'm finding myself driven towards it now. I'd love to meet you sometime and hear more about the way you relate to and trust God. You sound like a really interesting guy who seeks the Lord. I'm not sure how much you get the chance to check your email, but if you're going to be in the area sometime, I'd love to hear from you.
    Have a Good One,


  2. Travis:

    I am glad that you liked my book.

    Too many Christians want the blessings of God and not God Himself. Being in the Presence of God is where God wants us: when we are at work, at home, whatever we are doing. We rest in Jesus the Sabbath Rest everyday. Being in the Presence of God is what transforms our lives and the lives of others.

    Would you want to listen to someone who preaches the Gospel in the strength of his flesh or intellect or do you want to listen to someone who abides in the Presence of God daily? A tree is known by its fruit.