Sunday, February 22, 2015


Athy, County Kildare, Ireland
Today I did a search for "Timothy Michael Shey" on MSN and Google and I was surprised to see that someone is trying to sell my novella, Athy-upon-Barrow.  I wrote Athy-upon-Barrow while I was living in Athy, County Kildare, Ireland during the summer of 1981.  I used my hard-earned money and lived in Ireland from May 1981 to February of 1982.

I was not a Christian when I wrote Athy-upon-Barrow---it has some profanity in the book.  I sent the manuscript to a few publishers, but it was rejected; the rejection letters were very positive and complimentary. When I came back to the States, I printed up some copies of Athy-upon-Barrow (The Lone Wolf Press) and gave these copies to some people that I knew.  I had a few books sold on consignment in a couple of bookstores in Iowa City, Iowa.  Athy-upon-Barrow is around 74 pages.

May 1981:  Northern Ireland and Bob Jamieson of NBC News

Map of County Kildare

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