Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Anvil of Time

This is from The Lion's Den blog:

Fearless against ALL attacks and tested by time, the anvil has been beat upon mercilessly, but has remained strong, true and reliable. The ‘ping’ is a gentle reminder that some things are timeless and unchangeable, and regardless of how much it is abused, it stands.

Equally timeless and more unchangeable  is God’s word, which is the greatest of anvils. It is the steel rock which has withstood man’s attempts to nullify it, and has embarrassed all the devil’s attempts to mock it. It has proved itself true in every age, and it is still, the anvil, which is forever settled in heaven.

It is attacked, denied, thought to be outdated, laughed at, railed at, and ignored, yet withstands all petty contradictions, and whose testament is found in the hearts of they who rest upon its promises. There is no other anvil like it, this steely rock of ages.

‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ no explanation of ‘how’ is necessary, other than ‘God said.’ The Lord is also known as the Word of God.

This word is sure and  steadfast, it is an anchor for the soul, and it contains ALL that pertains to life and godliness. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Daniel, the prophets, the apostles, all rested in its promises and dared not trifle with its contents. It is the anvil of eternal truth.

The devil tried to find fault in the God of creation by casting doubt in his word by suggesting to Eve: ‘Hath God said?’ and his age-old sleight of hand is still seen today, with greater damage. ‘Did God say same-sex marriage is wrong?’ and I could cite a thousand more lies from the father of lies.

The Holy Bible - 1611 King James Version
The Holy Bible – 1611 King James Version (Photo credit: Jemimus)

But this word of God is forever settled in heaven, and is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There are no flaws nor defects in God’s word, as there are no flaws nor defects in God himself, the throne of God, nor the Lord Jesus. The anvil of God laughs at all puny attempts to discredit its contents.

It is pure, tried in the fire, is quick and powerful, and is sharper than ANY two-edged sword.  Is it any wonder that the wind and the sea obeyed the voice of the Lord, and turned from a storm to an immediate ‘great calm,’ a sea of glass as it were? Of course nature heeds the voice of the Creator. The written word and the spoken word are one.

Take refuge in this word, this haven of rest, this anvil of time, as it contains the right word for every occasion. It is the monarch of books, for it’s central theme is the Living Word Himself.

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