Monday, November 14, 2011

Never The Same - Michelle Krubeck

About a week ago I was walking south of Four Corners, Montana (near Bozeman) and this guy named Bret picked me up. He was a Christian and we had some very good fellowship all the way to West Yellowstone. We stopped in West Yellowstone and he had me listen to this CD by Michelle Krubeck. It is an incredible testimony of the Lord's protection.

Hand on the Helm


  1. Bozeman is such a beautiful area. I picked up a hitcher at a rest stop there and took her to Missoula. We had a wonderful conversation. Keep on journeying, and enjoy Montana!

  2. Sarah had posted the same to her blog about a week ago. Amazing that you'd both pick up the same testimony. This is really powerful. Thank you.
    God bless

  3. Just before Bret picked me up, the Presence of God became very strong (another expression would be: the Holy Ghost fell all over me). When the Presence of God becomes very strong like that, it usually means something significant is going to happen. Bret and I had great fellowship all the way to West Yellowstone. In West Yellowstone he had me listen to the CD by Michelle Krubeck. It all bore witness with my spirit. It was very edifying and built up my spirit man.

    I have heard a couple of stories like this before. One guy was in a firefight in Vietnam and he could see enemy tracer rounds go through his body; he turned around and saw his buddies getting hit and killed by the same bullets.

    I heard another story of some guys from David Wilkerson's church in New York City. They were out talking to people on the streets about the Gospel and they got caught in a gun battle between two rival gangs. A bullet went right through this one guy and nothing happened to him--the bullet caused no damage to his body.

    Jesus Christ is the author of and Lord over creation and quantum mechanics.

    The carnal mind cannot receive the things of the spirit because they are spiritually discerned. Too many Christians stay at a conversion level of spirituality; they go to shallow church meetings where they are never convicted of sin and never get delivered of their besetting sins/demons--and they never move on to maturity in Christ. These Christians never meditate on the first several verses in Hebrews Chapter 6.

  4. “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

    –Werner Heisenberg (Father of Quantum Physics)