Friday, March 21, 2014

The True Knowledge of Christ

"The true wisdom, the true light, the true knowledge of Christ, is like the manna in the wilderness; it daily comes down from heaven, and must daily be gathered fresh.  The true light springs from the life; and it must be held in the life, in the vessel which the life forms, in the new bottle, in the new understanding; not in the fleshly part, no, not in the natural part for as the natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit, I Cor 2: 14, so neither can he retain them."

--Isaac Penington

I Corinthians 2: 14:  "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:  for they are foolishness unto him:  neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

Where is the Wise?
The Death of Voltaire

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spiritual or Mental?

Excerpt from The Messenger of the Cross by Watchman  Nee:

Page 80-81:  "Today's danger is that many people are seeking the knowledge of the Bible with their mind.  They understand a few mysteries, comprehend many spiritual principles, dig out some deeper meanings of God's word, and even appreciate to a certain degree the accomplished work of Christ.  Yet these are all in their mind.  These are not given them by the Holy Spirit and there is therefore no practical power involved.  With the result that the Bible is reduced to the level of a scientific treatise in which the reader and the writer have no personal contact whatsoever.  On the other hand, the word of God--though its contents had been spoken long ago and later recorded in what we have as the Bible--is nonetheless in the Holy Spirit even as God is in the Spirit.  If the reader receives God's word directly without leaning on the power of the Spirit, he will have no relationship with God.  This will reduce the value of God's word and make it as one of the dead books of the world."

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hearing the Words of God and Seeing the Visions of the Almighty

This is from the blog Daily Meditation:

Numbers 24:4: He saith, who heareth the words of God, Who seeth the vision of the Almighty, Falling down, and having his eyes open:

What would you give to be hearing the words of God and be seeing the visions of God?

That is actually a wrong because the reality is that there is nothing for you to qualify for that flow of God. The divine arrangement is that no one can have the claim for any boast before God, there is nothing you have that you are not given, and if you were given why do you boast (1Corinthians 4:7)?

Let’s clear that, there is no qualifying for the gifts of God, the bible says that the manifestations of the Spirit are given, according to the will of God and not to be qualified for, for the benefit of all (1Corinthians 12:1-11). And hearing the words of God and seeing the visions of the Almighty definitely fall under the idea of the expressions of the Spirit.

However, when talking about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Peter declared that its effect includes seeing visions, dreaming dreams, and prophesying, which means declaring what we are hearing/seeing/having impressed on us in the spirit (Acts 2:1-21). Therefore hearing the words of God and seeing the visions of the almighty should not be a big deal. It should, at least, be a common denominator of all believers who have experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The bible says that as many as are led by the Holy Spirit they are the children of God (Romans 8:14). And you are led by seeing the visions of the almighty and hearing the words of God.

I want to break that down.  When we get born again, the Holy Spirit gives birth to a new spirit in us (John 3:1-8), and because the things of God are spiritual things, we need to realise that hearing the voice of God and seeing the visions of the almighty, should be viewed in a spiritual sense, that is, it is through the instrument of our spirit that we have those experiences.

Therefore God is interested in training our spirit to function optimally, delivers his words to us, and his vision to us in a spiritual sense. So to hear the words of God and see the visions of the almighty you need to focus on your spirit as the divine connection point.

Remember that we are three-fold in part: spirit, soul and body (1Thessalonians 5:23). The spirit connects with the realm of God who is Spirit (John 4:24), the soul connects with the realm of man, since all men are called souls, and with the body we connect with our physical world via the senses.

Our physical form is based on genetics; our soul form is defined by exposures/experiences through the senses, while our spirit’s form is defined by the Holy Spirit: when Paul says that we have the mind of Christ; that is a direct reference to our spirit; since our union with God is first a spiritual union (1Corinthians 2:9-16). And it is through our spiritual ears and eyes (perception equipment) that we hear the words of God and see the visions of the almighty, because we exist in the world of God who is Spirit by our spirit.

But the problem is that, most of the time, the spirit is smothered by an over bearing soul life, by our natural bent. Therefore we are called to walk according to the Spirit and not after the flesh (Galatians 5:16), to follow the dictates of the spirit, to allowed our spirit to flow with the Holy Spirit.

That is what we are called to fast sometimes, to deny the soul of its need, to allow the spirit to soar, to facilitate the expression of the spirit. With fasting the soul of trained to be still, to be subdued, to give room for the blossoming of the spirit’s enhancement and expression.

The words of God and visions of the almighty are spiritual things, visions are pictures and they occur in various degrees, while the words of God are articulations of the mind of God, which occurs also in degrees. They range from the “is-it-my-mind?” level, to the obviously spectacular; whatever it is we need to develop sensibility of the spirit.

Paul prayed for the Ephesians that the eyes of their understanding, of their hearts (a component of the spirit), be enlightened (Ephesians 1:15-19), that they may know riches of Christ. There are things that you see with the eyes of your heart, which is an inner eye, concerning the will of God for you. There is the stirring of the spiritual consciousness towards discerning the right way to go, the right choices to make.

When Paul was in Athens, seeing how the whole land was given to idolatry, he was stirred in the spirit and he took steps to address the people to stir their conscience, towards the truth (Acts 17:17-34).

When Jesus told the devil that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. It means it is possible to exist in the state of constantly hearing the word of God. Since what Jesus meant is that we are really sustained by the word of God (Luke 4:1-4). If you are sustained by something, it means you have to be exposed to it constantly

In the time of Eli, it was said that the word of God was scarce, meaning the people were spiritually starved (1Samuel 3:1-3).

Across the world, Christians now hold in our hands the scriptures, the very oracles of God. A psalmist asked that God should open his eyes (the inner eyes) to behold wondrous things out of his word (Psalm 119:18). That is the foundational understanding for all disciples of Jesus Christ- the priority of scriptures.

Christ Jesus, when leaving the earth, instructed the apostles that they should make disciples of all nations, teaching them His words (Matthew 28:18-20). And some of those have been packaged in the bible. It is full of the teaching about the Lord, and when the Holy Spirit breathed upon the words, then we see it as the word of God to us today.

We need to be well grounded in the written word. We see Jesus and John and Paul and all the writers of the New Testament in one way or the order making reference to the scriptures (Old Testament). They see it as the living word of God having relevance to the here and now.

We can hear the words of God and see the visions of the almighty from the words of scriptures. The faculty through which images are formed in our minds is our imagination- “our image formation center,” giving us the capacity to see pictures in our mind.  The word of God we read or that we hear have the capacity to create the visions of God in our minds, prompting us to act based on it.

Habakkuk was told to write the vision (Habakkuk 2:1-5), so that those who read it may run; run with the vision. The explanation is that Habakkuk first wrote the vision as words and when the words were read, the original vision is recreated in the reader via the words that have been read though the internal tool of imagination.

Jezebel, in a negative sense used the imagination of Elijah against him (1Kings 19:1-7). She spoke words, fearful words of threat to Elijah, and the bible recorded that Elijah “saw” what she “said” (imaginatively), and he ran for his life. It was as if a psychological DVD was sent to Elijah by Jezebel with the words she sent to him, and he played it with the imagination, and he ran with the vision, fearful for his life; but the words of God are supposed to stir us to run with faith (Habakkuk 2:1-5).

Maybe with the title, you thought I will be writing about high level revelation of the hearing audible voice of God and being taken to the third heavens in visions of the almighty. Sorry to disappoint you. While both are possibilities, they are not the determined common denominators for all Christians.

However, making the word of God a priority is our common denominator. Anybody can read the words of the bible, even if you are illiterate, someone can read it to you in your own language. The scripture is the common denominator (2Timothy 3:14-17). I will be placing false hopes before you if I presume to tell you that you can hear the audible voice and see open visions, going into trances and all works; I will be setting you up to be disappointed, and frustrated.

We hear/read the word in messages and in the bible we read/hear the word, and through the means of our imagination, we see the visions of the almighty, when the word hits on our imagination. When you focus on that and follow it up by practicing truth, then you have the basic foundation to handle the high revelations, or you will be like the children of Israel who said God should stop speaking to them so spectacularly from mount Sinai, but only speak through Moses, because they couldn’t handle it (Hebrews 12:18-20, Exodus 20:18-19, Deuteronomy 5:24-27, 18:16).

If this understanding is settled in you, you will be ready to chew the meat of prophetic revelations (if God so pleases) (Hebrews 5:11-14), and divine inner promptings. God may or may never reveal himself to you in the audible voice, but you hear him in your mind, in strong impressions; you may not be taken to the third heavens in a trance, but you can see things with the eyes of your heart (see the direction God is pointing to within you) that is flooded with the light of the word of God.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Deathbed Prophecy of King Edward the Confessor, 1066

King Edward the Confessor

"During the month of January, 1066, the holy King of England St. Edward the Confessor was confined to his bed by his last illness in his royal Westminster Palace. St. Ælred, Abbott of Rievaulx, in Yorkshire, relates that a short time before his happy death, this holy king was wrapt in ecstasy, when two pious Benedictine monks of Normandy, whom he had known in his youth, during his exile in that country, appeared to him, and revealed to him what was to happen to England in future centuries, and the cause of the terrible punishment. They said: 'The extreme corruption and wickedness of the English nation has provoked the just anger of God. When malice shall have reached the fullness of its measure, God will, in His wrath, send to the English people wicked spirits, who will punish and afflict them with great severity, by separating the green tree from its parent stem the length of three furlongs. But at last this same tree, through the compassionate mercy of God, and without any national (governmental) assistance, shall return to its original root, reflourish and bear abundant fruit.' After having heard these prophetic words, the saintly King Edward opened his eyes, returned to his senses, and the vision vanished. He immediately related all he had seen and heard to his virgin spouse, Edgitha, to Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury, and to Harold, his successor to the throne, who were in his chamber praying around his bed."

Here is the prophecy in verse:

"The green tree which springs from the trunk
When thence it shall be severed
And removed to a distance of three acres
By no engine or hand of man
Shall return to its original trunk
And shall join itself to its root
Whence first it had origin
The head shall receive again its verdure
It shall bear fruit after its flower
Then shall you be able for certainty
To hope for amendment."

From what I can see in this prophecy/vision by King Edward, the Norman Invasion of 1066 was God's wrath on the wickedness of the English people because the Christian church had become so corrupt.  After being chastened by the Lord for three hundred years ("And removed to a distance of three acres"), the Lord would bring England back to its Christian foundations.  In 1382, John Wycliffe completed his translation of the English Bible from the Latin Vulgate.  Now the English people could begin to read the Scriptures for themselves.  1382 is a little more than three hundred years removed from 1066.

So why did I discover the prophecy of King Edward today?  It is a mirror of what is happening to the United States in 2014 (and probably for the past forty years) because there is so much sin (like abortion, homosexuality and earth worship) in this country.



1066:  The Year of the Conquest by David Howarth, page 47:
"In the first days of the New Year, the King's coma or sleep was interrupted by periods of delirium, and on 4 January he was distressingly restless, though still unconscious.  They tried to rouse him from his uneasy sleep, and succeeded.  When he awoke, he asked them to assemble his household and a few more people came into the room:  we are not told who they were.  Then he began to speak in a strong voice.  But instead of telling them what they needed to know, he gave them a long account of a dream.  He had met two monks he had known in Normandy, who were long since dead.  They had told him that for wickedness of the earls and churchmen of England God had cursed the country:  a year and a day after his death, devils would come through the land with fire and sword and war.  God would only cease to punish England when a green tree, felled half-way up its trunk and the part cut off taken three furlongs away, should join itself together again by its own efforts, without the aid of man, and break into leaf and fruit again."