Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daniel McGuire's Vision: Las Vegas Earthquake

"Omg!! I had a vision about Las Vegas EXACTLY like yours, except I was awake! I live in Vegas. Have my hole life. I was at a bus stop on Charleston and Pecos around 10 or 11pm. Wile I was standing there waiting for the bus, I noticed everything around me seamed to be fake. Like it wasn’t really there. I mean nothing looked different, but it just felt out of place. That’s when the night became day, (I think it was day), and I saw/herd the chaos unfold. It was horrible! Buildings falling, cars crashing, people screaming, and dying. I remember seeing the sky glowing red from fires that broke out, and all the smoke in the air. I was seeing/hearing all this, but no one could see me see. The thing I remember the most was the screaming! It felt like it went on for ever! I just wanted it to stop! When it was over. Only like a minute or 2 had passed by. I stood there in shock for awhile trying to compared what had just happened. When the bus came, I kept thinking about it, and the more it sunk in. When I got off the bus, I called my mother telling her what happened wile trying not to freak out to much, but when I told her about the death I saw and the horrible screaming of people. I broke down crying. completely confused on why I saw what I saw. My mother said she seen the same thing in a dream awhile ago, and that God was trying to prepare me for what was coming. I asked her why didn’t he show me in a dream? She said maybe you would have thought of it as just that, a dream. So I said next time God needs to show me something so horrific, he can so in my sleep. In a way that I know is no ordinary dream. That was my 1st vision. I now have had 5 total. 2 wile wide awake, and 3 wile I was asleep. My 1st one happened when I was 20. I’m 25 now."


  1. Wow! If I lived in Vegas I'd be looking in my rear view mirror watching it disappear as I sped down the freeway to get as far away as possible. I'm not joking.

  2. Randy:

    I thought it was interesting when Daniel said:

    "Wile I was standing there waiting for the bus, I noticed everything around me seamed to be fake. Like it wasn’t really there. I mean nothing looked different, but it just felt out of place."

    There is so much sin in Las Vegas; it is an unreal city. I wonder if a few people in Sodom and Gomorrah felt the same way just before the Lord destroyed it.

  3. Hey. It's Daniel McGuire. I had no idea you had replied to my comment where you got my vision from until now. I replied back to you, but figured I would post it here too. Hope all is well.

    Thank you for doing so Tim. I was trying to find this post again cause my mom and I where talking about the visions we had in light of everything going on right now. so I typed “Vision of Las Vegas earthquake” And was a bit shocked to see my comment on here posted everywhere. Also a bit embarrassed with all my typo’s/misspellings. Like I said in the comment here, I’ve had quite a few visions. Not all about the earthquake. I had one of a of a massive explosion like a nuke or a bomb hitting either Las Vegas, or Seattle Washington. How I know it’s one of those places from what I saw:

    In the vision I was looking down on this room, and I see a man in a business suit with a brief case walk up to these high glass windows. Looking out on the sky line of the city. Then my view point changed. I was now seeing everything through the man’s eyes. I could tell he was high up because of the view. There was this structure that I could see that looked like the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Then there was a bright flash of light that blinded me, or whether him, and I couldn’t see. Took a good minute for my eyes to adjust. As they did I could make out a wall of fire moving out in all directions. Just burning everything. Then I heard what he was thinking. Which was “I don’t even have time to make it to the door.” After that thought, I was back looking down on the room as the windows got blown out, and everything went up in flames.

    Now after I had this vision, I really believed it was about Vegas, But after talking to family and friends, I have come to realize that it could also be about Seattle Washington. They too have a tower that looks like the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas called the Space Needle. If you look at both towers, they look almost incidental in structure. Either way, Vegas or Seattle is going to get hit hard. I’m just not sure which one. Many believe that it could be Seattle based off of the fact that the Tower that looks like the Stratosphere was the only building I recognized. If it was Las Vegas, then I would of recognized other buildings on the Vegas skyline. Not just that one. So that being said, People need to keep their guard up, and just be prepared if this dose in fact happen.

  4. Daniel: I also believe that something bad is going to happen to Seattle.

    I recently had a dream about Las Vegas:

    Las Vegas Earthquake Imminent?

    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2017
    30 September 2017

    Last night I had a dream where this man walked up to me and gave me a piece of paper. There was a message on the piece of paper. The message said: “see ‘las vegas earthquake'”.