Wednesday, August 10, 2016

21st Century Baal Worship

This is from the blog MARKIVEY.ORG:
Jezebel had instituted Baal worship as the State religion in Israel. Baal was considered the God of weather and fertility and it was believed that the hot summers and lack of rain meant Baal was displeased and needed to be resurrected from the underworld to provide rain. Baal could be appeased in three ways: Unrestrained sexual immorality, child sacrifice and pantheism or the worship of creation over the creator where the environment is more important than people.
One of the consequences of this activity was unexpected pregnancies but that’s not a problem for Baal as he will accept any child as a sacrifice. The arms and lap of Baal were lit with fire and the babies were placed in the fire as the drums were playing to drown out the cries of the child. The larger issue is not that the culture worshipped Baal but that God’s people had also become loyal to Baal while attempting to worship Yahweh as well.
Lest we think this has no relevance to us today, remember that several media outlets recently carried the report of arches to Baal being built in New York and London. Because there was such a strong backlash from the Christian community, those projects were placed on hold. However, one needs to read the fine print that said 1000 of these Baal arch/temples were scheduled to be constructed around the world. It is clear we are surrounded by 21st century Baal worship. Unrestrained, legalized, sexual immorality, abortion and extreme environmentalism called climate change is nothing more than Baal worship under a new name called progressivism.
Remember though, that God never allows the spirit of Baal to reign without being confronted by the spirit of Elijah. As God raised up a passionate follower of God in the Old Testament, He is raising up people in the body of Christ who have no other desire but to see the honor of Jesus in the land. Get ready: A fresh confrontational, powerful and corrective grace is coming to true believers to tear down the altars of men and rebuild the altars of God!



  1. I repented of anything connected to Baal worship in myself and my ancestors back to Adam. I immediately felt a gentle release and freedom. I thought it waS temporary but the next morning I did not fee as oppressed as I usually had felt. Just now I rebuked the spirit of Baal over the WH, Congress and SCOTUS. Thank you for en enlightening article and I hope you offer more on Baal.

    1. I have more to add. I realized that I was oppressed by the spirit of Baal because of an abortion I had. I had it done in the early 1980's and I was born again in the late 1980's. So there is a connection between Baal and abortion, which is not surprising.

    2. Yes, there is definitely a connection between Baal and abortion. The demonic spirit of Baal is behind abortion.

      A Christian has access to our Heavenly Father through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. When we are surrendered to Christ, we can get our strength and wisdom directly from our Father. As we take up our cross and die daily, in time, we can have a deep spiritual communion with our Father.

      Baal Worshipers/abortionists have access to Satan through the shed blood of innocent babies, children, adults and animals. With this access to Satan, these people get fame, fortune and power from Satan because they now have a blood contract with the devil. You could also say that the shed blood of aborted babies is a food source for Satan. If a certain town, city or region of a country aborts/murders a lot of babies, that ground becomes cursed and defiled and Satan has much power and authority over that town, city or region. If that town, city or region does not repent of the sin of abortion and other sins, then they will one day experience the wrath of God.

    3. I added a couple of more links in the post above:

      "Today's Baal Worshipers" and "Hillary Clinton and Jezebel".

  2. IF you have any insights into how Baal/Ashteroth work in the US government and the churches, besides liberalism and licentiousness I'd be interested. One comment on Hillary is that she may not have turned so deeply into globalism and witchcraft if her husband had not been a lech.

  3. This is more what I was delivered of - the way Baal/Ashteroth worship has insinuated itself into US (and other) cultures. Israel wanted to be like other nations so it accepted their gods. Just like in the US people want to be something they're not (homosexual, rich, powerful, whatever) so sell themselves to Satan. My view may be individual to me but it really resonates. I came from grandparents in Eastern Star and Masons and father from Masons and I grew up Christian Scientist. Then studied Psychology so my bent is in these areas. https://www.gotquesåç

  4. Concerning Baal/Ahsteroth, you may want to see this video:

    Levels of Spiritual Warfare - Fr. Ripperger

    About Bill and Hillary. It was a political marriage. They both wanted to get political power. She came from money and had the legal mind; he had charisma and the political smarts. Also, it was an Ahab/Jezebel relationship. I am sure he had always chased other women and she already knew it, but didn't care because she was going to use him for her political/social/Satanic ends (they used each other and, of course, they used many others until they were of no use to them, so those people were suicided or Arkancided [murdered]).

    I believe that Bill in his college years (probably when he was a Rhodes Scholar in England), he was trained, brainwashed by the Soviets and became a MK (mind control) puppet for the Deep State. Here are a couple of links:

    The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

    A Hypnotized Bill Clinton

    You many also want to do some research on Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) (the Rhodes Scholarship is named after him).

    Darwinism Plan of the British Deep State

    George Soros is a modern day version of Cecil Rhodes with a lot more money.

  5. Thanks, I've been following the occult and globalism since I was saved in 1988 and know alot. I have not seen Baal/Ashtoreth before in the light I have this week. I reproduce the URL for what triggered my deliverance (in the form of a divorce from idolatries and brideship to the Lord):

    I am not endorsing; I offer it for exercise in discernment. God keeps revealing things every day, including that the drugs people take can be linked to Baal in part or in whole. CIAO

    1. Thank you for the link to the Sid Roth program with John Benefiel. That was an excellent program. I put the link of that program on this post above. God bless you.