Thursday, July 5, 2018

Farmlands (2018) Official Documentary

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  1. This is a comment on YouTube:

    Quick South African history lesson...

    There are 11 languages in SA meaning roughly as many different tribes. 80% of those are Bantu(nguni)speaking tribes.

    The original people of SA is the Khoi and San tribes. They are genetically different(capoid race) to the Bantu(kongoid race).

    The Bantu emigrated from central Africa and only reached Southern Zimbabwe by 1500's. In 1488 white people were visiting SA and putting up statues north of Port Elizabeth. They only found the Khoi tribes Bantu.

    As the Bantu tribes came down from the north they practically decimated the Khoi and San tribes in something called the defekane/mfekane in the 1800's.

    White Europeans permanently settled in 1652. They intermingled and created their own unique language and culture(afrikaans).

    150 years after landing in SA they encountered the 1st Bantu at the Fishriver...800km from Cape Town.

    Zero Bantu were ever slaves as slavery were outlawed in late 1700's for the Dutch and early 1800's for the British.

    In 1912 the British did a land survey and found black tribes only occupied 9% of the SA land surface. They were given an extra 4% in order for them to self govern themselves and continue their culture way of life. This was called the traditional homelands.

    For example the Zulu King owns 3 million hectares where no Zulu owns the land but have to pay rent to the King. That's the way they want to be governed. Multiply that by all the other tribes and you get a picture of who owns what land in SA.

    It's also scientifically proven that Bantu tribes couldn't have survived in 70% of SA as it is 70% semi desert with a low water table. A symbol of the Afrikaner is a windpomp that uses wind to pump water from deep under ground. Only with this technology could people start making a living in a semi desert environment.

    Apartheid lasted from '48-92. During that period there were less than 100 forced removals on less than 1% of the land.

    The initial idea for apartheid was like Israels 2 state solution but for all the tribes, whites included. Revolutionary for the time.

    In the 50's and 60's the black population exploded 10 fold due to peopke from neighbouring countries immigrating to SA. WHY WOULD black people WILLINGLY MOVE to the "OPPRESSIVE Apartheid regime "?

    Because compared to the rest of the African continent....yes the whole continent, black South African were PAID 8x higher, HAD free education and health service. This lead to an increase of life expectancy from 38 to 64.

    Less than 600 people died at the hands of the Apartheid government between 48 and 92. 20K died in black on black violence during the same period lead by Mandela s party.

    During the cold war South Africa fought the atheist communists from getting a foothold in Namibia. 10k SA troops vs 40k Cubans, 100k Angolans and 1000 Russian soldiers with their air power.

    At home the black political parties spearheaded by Mandela, joined the communists and trained with the KGB and even Mao Zedong troops. They ran a terror campaign on soft targets like schools, churches, farms, bars etc. I wonder how white America would have reacted if black America did this in the cold war?

    After communism fell in 89 white people willingly gave up their sovereignty by voting to end apartheid in 92. They based this because Mandela denounced communism.

    Turns out that was a lie and today The Marxists have shown themselves again by trying to steal something that's not theirs, the land. They are implementingthe same strategy as in Venezuela and Zimbabwe which lead to economic collapse.

    Today there are over a 100 laws excluding white people based on the colour of their skin from business education government and sport.

    We need the world to see this and stand up for this injustice.