Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Death of a Nation

I just finished reading DEATH OF A NATION:  Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party by Dinesh D'Souza.  It is an excellent read.  I hope many people--especially Christian Patriots--read this book.

Excerpt from page 222:

"So let's draw out the analogy between the old slave plantation and the new urban plantation.  In both cases we have a group that doesn't work, refuses to work, is sexually dissolute and obsessed with luxurious display, status and respect, and gets into duels--sometimes lethal duels--over petty objects like a pair of sneakers or insults.  Just to be clear, I am not making a predictable comparison between the inhabitants of the urban plantation and the slaves.  Rather, I am making one between the inhabitants of the urban plantation and the slaver-owners.

"The Democratic planter class, after all, was made up of people who did nothing, whiling away their time in duels, sexual chicanery, card games, cockfights and luxurious displays.  And they could get by with doing nothing because they relied on the slaves to do all the work.  While their ideology proclaimed the slaves to be dependent on them, they were in fact dependent on the slaves.  On the urban plantation, too, inhabitants do little or no productive work.  And most of them can manage without employment because in one way or another they are dependent on the federal government.

"Another similarity between the old Democratic plantation and the new is that in both of them the family structure is in complete disarray.  On the Democratic slave plantation, the slave-master was typically married, but this did not stop him from carrying on with the female slaves.  As for the slaves, they might cohabit, but they could not legally marry, and their offspring were the property not of the parents but of the master.  On the Democratic urban plantation, marriage, though legal, is virtually unheard of, and illegitimacy rates of 75 to 90 percent are common."

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