Thursday, June 24, 2010

911 Revisited

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
23 June 2010

This past week the Lord has been showing me “911” quite a bit. I believe this means that a terrorist attack may happen in the United States very soon. This reminds me very much of what happened in my life the week before 11 September 2001: the Lord was warning me of an attempt on the life of President George W. Bush. I believe this next terrorist attack will happen by surprise—no one will see it coming.

[The Battle of El Guettar in North Africa, 1943. General George S. Patton. According to the film Patton, the American and British forces hit the Germans by surprise. Surprise attack.]

We have a weak president (Obama) in the White House. His weakness is going to invite a terrorist attack on the United States. Obama is in power because there is too much unrepented sin in this country.

A Ride on the Reservation


  1. I really hope there isn't a terrorist attack. I feel worse for the terrorists than I do for their victims. What the terrorists inflict on the world and their own souls makes me physically ill. That kind of hate is like a sickness, a deep-seated disease. I pray for their souls, and for the suffering they are bringing upon themselves.

    I am uncertain of my thoughts on Obama. I haven't experienced enough politics in my life to really form an opinion or understand the situation our country is in. The world is very convoluted and is going through a state of upheaval and change, yet God has provided for us. Those who will heal the world are already here, and there are many.

  2. Hi Tim! Great to meet you and I hope you made it to where you wanted to get that day; glad I could help. AND the good karma paid off, as Kenny got rides all the way to Sturgis that day!! Incredible. A God wink for sure.
    Be safe, Julie

  3. Julie: Thanks again for the ride from Kinnear to Jackson, Wyoming. I enjoyed talking with you.

    I looked on your son Kenny's website. He covered quited a bit of ground that day hitchhiking.

    I hope you have a great time in Wyoming.

  4. Theresa: The great thing to remember when we hear of politics, terrorism, wars and rumors of war: the Lord has everything under control. Our work is to submit to Christ and do the will of our Father.

    For those of us who abide in Christ, we have a peace in our spirit that surpasses all understanding.