Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in Montana

Montana Landscape

Just got dropped off here in Helena, Montana. I camped out near the railroad tracks three miles east of Garrison last night; it was cool, but not cold. I camped between the railroad tracks and the river. I hitchhiked from Kooskia, Idaho to Garrison yesterday. This guy picked me up in a Porsche convertible and somehow I lost my other sleeping bag in the process. If I have enough money, I will go to Walmart and look for a cheap sleeping bag later today. Yesterday was a red-letter day in my hitchhiking: I got rides from two consecutive convertibles.

In the past month, I have hitchhiked from Idaho to Washington (visited some friends in Dayton) to California. I did some work for my friends in Cedarville, California and then headed back to Dayton. I hitchhiked back and forth between Dayton and Cedarville a few times. I pruned some trees and cleaned up their repair shop/storage building for my friends in Cedarville; I hauled some boxes of food to town and also pruned some trees for my friends in Dayton. I didn't think I would be coming back to Montana and Wyoming so soon. On one trip from Cedarville to Dayton, I went through Winnemucca, Nevada and Ontario, Oregon. As usual, I met some very interesting people on the way.

Once I got picked up by a guy near Ukiah, Oregon and he took me to a church service in Burns, Oregon. It was the Bible Baptist Church and that preacher was anointed with the Holy Ghost! I have told several people about that church. I rarely go to church, but I highly recommend anyone to go to that church; they have a very good pastor at the Bible Baptist Church who is submitted to Christ.

I stayed overnight with Kim and Pat near Harpster, Idaho last night. Looks like they have some very good fellowship at an Apostolic and a Baptist church in the Kooskia-Kamiah neighborhood. We had a good talk about the things of God and on the power of the Holy Ghost. We watched the film The Hurt Locker that evening. I thought The Hurt Locker was a very good film.

The Presence of God has been very strong since I left Cedarville on the 20th of September. When the Holy Ghost is burning you up, it usually means something: it could be that the Lord is revealing something to me or that a Satanic stronghold is being taken out (intercession; the anointing breaks the yoke of sin; when the Lord glorifies your body, things really happen in the heavenly realm) or maybe something new is going to happen in my life.

After I leave the library here in Helena, I will probably head south to Three Forks and then to Belgrade and then mosey on south to Idaho and then into Wyoming. It is great to be back in the Montana-Idaho-Wyoming neighborhood. It is a beautiful day for hitchhiking, it is a beautiful day for living.

Tim Shey in Belgrade, Montana, 2009


  1. This is a great post! I guess I got the wanderin' bug. I've been longing to travel around for a while now, but all my responsibilities keep me grounded. Figure that's where God needs me to be. Don't you ever get scared or worry about where your next ride/meal/etc. is coming from?

    Presence of God has been burning me up too, but I keep having a feeling of "bad timing." I don't know if it's God making me hesitate or my own cowardice. I worry about missing the right time. I feel like I'm being called but I don't know where, and I worry that maybe it's my own doubt stopping me from going.

    I had a dream about a week ago. I was in a huge outdoor stadium packed full of people, but most of the front of the stadium was still being built, and there was a huge construction zone. Musicians were setting up for a show on stage, and people kept climbing through the construction zone trying to get better seats, but then someone fell and got hurt. Everyone started panicking, trying to see what had happened. A woman came out on stage with a megaphone and said, "Stop! Everyone stop and return to your seats!"

    At that moment, a famous performer cruised down the middle aisle of the stadium on a skate board. He was holding peace signs in the air and trying to get everyone's attention, but nobody cared because everyone was too busy worrying about who had been hurt on stage. I pointed to the man on the skateboard and said "That was bad timing!" The people around me heard it, and within seconds the entire stadium was repeating me, "Bad timing, that was bad timing, that was bad timing," over and over again. Then I woke up.

    I understand that I need to wait and be patient, but then why do I feel the Spirit calling?

  2. If I were you, I would finish my college degree and then see what the Lord wants you to do next. In the Kingdom of Heaven, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. I have learned this through years of experience: if the Lord wants me to go now, then I have to go now; if the Lord wants me to go in three days, then I better wait for three days or else I won't be able to get a ride. The Lord really knows how to put roadblocks in your path. We are supposed to be led by the Holy Ghost and not our brains.

    That was a very interesting dream. Obviously, the Lord is showing you something: don't do it now, wait on the Lord's timing.

    The Lord has given me a measure of faith to hitchhike. So when it comes to getting rides or my next meal, I have faith in God that I will get a ride or that I will get a meal.

    I do get odd jobs on the road. I made some money working for my friends in Cedarville, California and so when I lost my sleeping bag in Idaho, I hitchhiked to Helena, Montana and bought a brand new sleeping bag (my best bag I have ever had; it is rated at 10 degrees F.). If I lost my sleeping bag (and there are no accidents in the Kingdom of Heaven) and got a better, warmer sleeping bag, maybe this means that if I am hitchhiking this winter, it may be a colder winter than last winter. This summer has been cooler than last summer. Last summer I carried three water bottles; this summer I carried two water bottles (hence the term Three-Water-Bottle Summer or Two-Water-Bottle Summer--reminds me of Three Dog Night: One dog night is cold; two dog night is colder and three dog night is coldest--I saw this on a temperature gage in Montana).

    Right now I am in Victor, Idaho staying with some friends. God willing, I will be heading into Wyoming tomorrow.