Monday, November 22, 2010

Cut the Anchor, Oh Lord

Cut the Anchor, Oh Lord
By Theresa Shreffler

cut the anchor, oh Lord, I feel the swell
compel me forward, a great wave
of humble beginnings. I know
I shall not walk this shore again,
not in the daylight clasping slender hands
nor at evening, when we gazed high and low
to the gentle stars setting, rising, spinning--
swept of their own volition, here I have laid
moored for seasons to a firm dock
and stone paths where feet have come and gone.
I once sat upon the shoreline and watched
ships of all sizes, full of children
drift back and forth to the horizon, and wondered
how far and long, and how cold that sea
and where the lands that only others see,
our sails are waiting for an errant breeze
and here it is, at dawn, mercilessly
playing with the flap and fold. cast the rope
my pilot, compass, ocean's guide and captain's cloak;
I know the shore, and I greet the endless waves.


  1. Thank you! :) I'm so glad you like my poetry, it inspires me to keep writing. You are too kind. :)

  2. this is great!
    anticipation of some new horizon, something Good and perfect from the Lord, but we have to ride the waves, and leave the past behind to reach our destination
    Thankyou for sharing this :O)

  3. I used to read a lot of different poets years ago, but now I pretty much read T.S. Eliot and Gerard Manley Hopkins and that's about it--they are very inspiring.

    Someday someone might say that T.S. Eliot, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Theresa Shreffler are their top three poets. You are in good company.

  4. Tim! I don't know the standard by which you judge my poetry, but I am nowhere worthy of T. S. Eliot! :p Still, it's good to have a friend who's so well read and encouraging. It keeps me motivated. :)

    It seems that more people have been reading my blog lately... I'm hoping the trend continues. :) And for you too, of course. My thought for the day: synergy.