Friday, November 12, 2010

Fear of Man or Fear of God?

Dreams from the Lord 2007-2010
17 October 2010

Hebrews 11: 7: “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”

“Being warned of God of things not seen as yet.”

Amos 3: 7: “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

“Moved with fear.”

I am very grateful that the Lord warns me about certain things before they happen. Whatever the Lord reveals to me, I must move with fear and do what He tells me to do. Maybe He isn’t just warning me about something in my personal life—He may be warning me about something much bigger—like an earthquake.

When I first had the dream about the Las Vegas Earthquake (December 2006), that morning I walked north on this highway and got a ride to this convenience store somewhere north of Evanston, Wyoming. There was a table and some chairs there in the convenience store, so I moved with fear and sat down and wrote down the dream. After I left the convenience store, I hitchhiked to Jackson and stayed with some friends.

For the next several months I thought about and meditated on the dream that the Lord gave to me. At first, I thought that the earthquake was going to happen right away—like in December of 2006. When that didn’t happen, I was curious as to what the Lord wanted me to do with the dream. I told some people about it, but it wasn’t until July of 2007 that I finally put the dream on my website ( Within a few days, I had a dream about “Jericho” on a movie reel. It was confirmation that I was supposed to put the dream on my website. A movie reel symbolizes mass media or to publish something; my website is/was used to publish my writings.

This past February, the Lord impressed upon my heart to start a Google blog. So I moved with fear and started to post some things on my High Plains Drifter blog. It has been a real blessing: I know that it is God’s will for me to have this blog (and also my Digihitch blog: The Highway); I think my Google blog looks better and is more readable that my Walls of Jericho website; I believe that my High Plains Drifter blog is getting much more hits than Walls of Jericho ever did—and it is free.

This is the great wisdom of God: He knows what we need to do much more than we ever will. And this is the wisdom of a Christian: the FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom. I moved with fear and obeyed the Lord and started my Google blog. I don’t know 99.9 per cent of the people who read my blog, but I believe that the Lord is reaching out to these people with what He inspires me to write.

Tomorrow, God willing, I will move with fear once again and hitchhike out of Riverton and head towards Lander and then to Farson and probably back up to Jackson, Wyoming. Do I know who will pick me up tomorrow? No. But God does. And I believe that the Lord will use my life and possibly my words to reach out to someone or maybe a few people on the road.

Francis of Assisi once said: “Always preach the Gospel and sometimes use words.”

Publish—“To make generally known; to proclaim; to print and issue for sale (books, music, etc.); to put into circulation.”

--Webster’s Dictionary

Always preach the Gospel and sometimes publish; always preach the Gospel and sometimes proclaim; always preach the Gospel and sometimes put into circulation.


  1. Wow I am just in awe of this life of yours, I may even buy your book..
    ( :

    BTW- Google owns Blogger so thats why it gets more traffic. Of course God knew that.

  2. It wasn't my idea to start this Google blog. Last February I was hitchhiking in Nebraska and the Lord impressed upon my heart to start a Google blog. I know that I have gotten a lot more traffic on this blog than on my former Walls of Jericho website. Praise the Lord! God's thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Father knows best.

    We are here to obey HIM. And when we obey Him, He moves demonic strongholds in the heavenlies.