Monday, November 29, 2010

Obedience to the Promptings of the Spirit (1904 Welsh Revival)

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
4 March 2005

Christian History & Biography
Summer 2004

Page 11: “The Spark that lit the Welsh Revival”
By Jennifer Trafton

“Thursday, September 29, 1904. The stirrings of a spiritual awakening had already begun among the youth in several towns of South Wales when Evan Roberts, a 26-year-old ex-coalminer training for the Calvinistic Methodist ministry, attended a mission conference led by the evangelist Seth Joshua. For years, Roberts had been longing for the Holy Spirit to set his heart on fire. Joshua, meanwhile, had been praying that God would raise up a man from the coal mines or fields to bring revival to the churches. Both men found answers to their prayers that morning in Blaenannerch.

“In the months that followed this dramatic 'baptism of the Holy Spirit,' Evan Roberts carried his message throughout Wales with a youthful, unconventional zeal that vaulted him to celebrity status. He soon became the controversial hero of a rapidly spreading revival characterized by spontaneity rather than liturgical order, open prayer and confession rather than formal preaching, and obedience to the promptings of the Spirit rather than human direction. The revival brought an estimated 100,000 new converts into the churches and sent shock waves throughout Britain and beyond—even as far as Los Angeles, where reports of the Welsh awakening contributed to the birth of Pentecostalism in 1906. Evan Roberts’ simple prayer, ‘Oh, Lord, bend me,’ blossomed into the theme of the revival: ‘Bend the Church and save the world.’”


  1. Come Holy Spirit, Come!
    Rain down on the dry parched lands and the thirsty people...
    Come rend our hearts, that we may praise you, worship you, and completely surrender our all to Jesus,according to the will of our heavenly Father who loves us and sent His Son that we may be returned to Him.
    Let the revival be not confined, but let it be worldwide through every nation, every people.

    Thankyou Brother :O)
    Happy travelling and spreading the Good News!

  2. The interesting thing about the Welsh Revival was that a lot of those Welsh coal miners and other men that got saved later died in the trenches of northern France in World War I.

    Sometimes revival happens before God's judgment on sin. War is a perfect example of God's wrath on sinful men.

    In 1859 there was a revival in New York City. Between 1861 and 1865, 620,000 men died during the American Civil War.

    There is a lot of sin in the United States right now: they are teaching homosexuality to kids in grade school, abortion is legal, enviro-paganism is rampant and we have an anti-Christian in the White House who panders to Islamo-Fascist slave mongers.

    Will the Lord afflict the United States with another civil war? I would rather die fighting for freedom than live as a slave.