Thursday, April 12, 2012


This morning I hitchhiked from Cedarville, California to Lakeview, Oregon.  This tractor-trailer pulled over and gave me a ride into Lakeview.  The driver said that he had picked me up before; he was a Christian and we had a great talk; he knew my friends in Cedarville.

So I got dropped off near the county courthouse in Lakeview.  I went to the library and asked the librarian where the barbershop was in Lakeview.  I spent some time on the Internet and then walked up main street.

I saw the barbershop and walked inside.  I was sitting there getting a haircut when this older man and lady walked into the shop.  We started talking and she told me that she had read my first book High Plains Drifter:  A Hitchhiking Journey Across America a while back!  That was a pleasant surprise.

I guess a friend of a friend of her's bought my book and then passed it on down.  We had a very engaging conversation.  She invited me to a local writers group that was meeting this evening.  I am not sure if I am going to make it.

Man, I tell you:  the Lord really knows how to put people in your path.  God's timing is everything.  A few weeks ago, I tried to hitchhike out of northern California, but it didn't happen.  I walked eight miles north and didn't get a ride.  So I changed direction, walked half a mile south, got a ride to this intersection and then waited five minutes and got a ride over Cedar Pass back to Cedarville.  So it was God's will that I leave today and meet that lady in the barbershop in Lakeview, Oregon.

Obedience is better than sacrifice--which is another way of saying that it is a good idea to obey the Lord.

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  1. : )

    Yes it is a good idea to obey. I have learned this more than once-- or maybe I have not learned yet.

    God bless.

  2. Awesome to be in stride with the Lord. The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. Amen.
    You know Tim, when people read "High Plains Drifter" they probably think of a story about interesting experiences hitchhiking which it is, but they are left with a profound experience of walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh. I was for sure. Thank you brother.. God bless.

  3. The moral of the story: you never know who you are going to meet at the local barbershop.

    And I got a great haircut, too.