Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jacksonites, Yours is a Bloody City

Letter to the Editor
Jackson Hole News & Guide
Jackson, Wyoming
May, 2012

By Mark Holick

"To the Presbyterian Church and Paul Hayden:  you said you have 'adamantly pro-life' and 'adamantly pro-choice' people in your church, this is an abomination. What Bible are you preaching from? Does the sixth Commandment mean anything to you? The 'diversity' you spoke of is a euphemism for; we accept sin, even those who support the shedding of innocent blood. I urge you to repent. Woe to them who call evil good and good evil (Is. 5:12). You and your church are not pro-life in any sense. Stop the hypocrisy. Be honest and tell everyone that you are a pro-abortion/murder church.

"To River Crossings and Mike Atkins:  you reject your pro-life brothers and sisters in the Lord (escorted out) and embrace practicers of witchcraft (invited in), your choice (and rejection) of friends is telling. How long has Blue been murdering babies in your city that you are the leading pro-life elder of? You don’t like our 'methods,' you say you want to be the local leader, so what is your plan to save those babies who will have their little fingers, toes and eyes chopped off by Blue next week, in your city? Go ahead Mike, light another candle.

"To Community Bible Church and Don Landis:  you rejected us outright. And was elated to have your brother in the Lord cited. So what is your plan to end the killing in your city? What is your responsibility Don, (Dt. 21:1-9, Pr. 24:11-12)?

"To St. John’s Episcopal:  your support of the shedding of innocent blood and homosexuality is an abomination. You are not a Christian Church, you are an apostate church. Repentance is your only hope.

"To all those of the 'civility, compassion, love campaign':  you are pro-aborts, by another name. The shedding of innocent blood is acceptable with you. We felt your 'civility, compassion, and love' all week long with F words, vehicular assault attempts, vandalism, and the largest flock of birds we have seen in any city. Where is your civility, compassion, and love for your preborn neighbor? Your hypocritical civility, compassion, love means you support the murder of innocent children…with a smile.

"To the Jackson Police:  you deceived us…again. Some men keep their word, others do not. Your petty harassments on Sunday were tripe.

"To the Federal Government lackey who threatened us with FACE and hounded us all week while befriending a man who sheds blood for a buck:  you had no reason to be involved in any way with peaceful, law abiding, Christians ministering the gospel of Jesus. You sir, are a bully with a badge.

"To all law enforcement:  did you swear an oath to the Constitution or to codes and ordinances? And if you say both, then which takes precedence?

"To the Jackson Mayor and City council:  yours is a bloody city and your overt protection of the most violent man in the whole of Wyoming is on you, before the Lord God, His Name is Jesus, King of kings, who is the Great Judge of all the earth (Is. 11:4). May He have mercy on your eternal soul.

"To those who name the name of Christ Jesus and either attacked us or disassociated yourself from us:  you threw your unborn neighbors, who have fallen among thieves, under the bus (Lk. 10:29-37). …For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you (Mt. 5:12). If you are a true Christian but simply a Nicodemus by night (Jn. 3:1-2), then it is time to come out of the stained glass cave, and boldly cry out against the evil of your city. Justice is every Christians calling from the Lord!

"To those who dislike our graphic signs:  we dislike them also. However, who is in the wrong, those who show the pictures or those who make the pictures? Shall we shoot the messenger? You did not like our 'method,' so tell us, what is your method to stop the killing of 100’s of little baby boys and girls, this year, next week, in your city? Or is the truth that, you just don’t care?"

--Pastor Mark E. Holick
Operation Save America


Prophetic Quote:

"'I, John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.'  [John Brown said nothing on the gallows, but handed a note containing these words to a guard. The outbreak of the Civil War in April, 1861 proved John Brown prophetic.]

"John Brown was the 'The meteor of the war,' as author Herman Melville called him. John Brown was an abolitionist, and a religious fanatic. Some say that John Brown is a martyr. Brown believed he was an instrument of God."

--from John Brown Quotes

[I once was hitchhiking in eastern Kansas and got dropped off in Topeka.  I walked to the state capital building and went inside and saw the huge mural of John Brown holding his Bible and musket; it was very impressive.]

John Brown (abolitionist)

John Brown, Prophet and Abolitionist

Jackson, Wyoming
America's Greatest Sin:  ABORTION
Woe to the Bloody City!--George Fox
Abortion protester sues
God Will Draw The Wicked into Cities Marked for Destruction
Nevada man, anti-abortion group sue town of Jackson
Get Out of Jackson, Wyoming!


By Tim Shey

Brutal deathdance;
My eyes weep blood.
Pharisees smile like vipers,
They laugh and mock their venom:
Blind snakes leading
The deaf and dumb multitude.

Where are my friends?
The landscape is dry and desolate.
They have stretched my shredded body
On this humiliating tree.

The hands that healed
And the feet that brought good news
They have pierced
With their fierce hatred.

The man-made whip
That opened up my back
Preaches from a proper pulpit.
They sit in comfort:
That vacant-eyed congregation.
The respected, demon-possessed reverend
Forks his tongue
Scratching itchy ears
While Cain bludgeons
Abel into silence.

My flesh in tattered pieces
Clots red and cold and sticks
To the rough-hewn timber
That props up my limp, vertical carcase
Between heaven and earth.
My life drips and puddles
Below my feet,
As I gaze down dizzily
On merciless eyes and dagger teeth.

The chapter-and-versed wolves
Jeer and taunt me.
Their sheepwool clothing
Is stained black with the furious violence
Of their heart of stone.
They worship me in lip service,
But I confess,
I never knew them
(Though they are my creation).

My tongue tastes like ashes:
It sticks to the roof of my mouth.
I am so thirsty.
This famine is too much for me.
The bulls of Bashan have bled me white.
Papa, into your hands
I commend my Spirit.

February/March 1997
Iowa State University

Genesis 49: 10: “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”


  1. The Watchman has spoken. Woe be unto all of these who've been warned. Do you think God is blind? Do you think he does not hear? The blood of these innocent lives cries out from the ground as did the innocent, righteous Abel's blood when he was brutally slain. This innocent blood will be on your heads. Judgement is coming! Repent Now!

  2. Amen, Randy. The wicked people in Jackson have been warned many times over the past two years to stop killing preborn babies--and the non-Christians in Jackson have been warned, also. I believe judgment is coming to Jackson, Wyoming in the near future.

    This isn't just about warning people about the sin of abortion, it is also a warning to the pukewarm Christian churches in Jackson. There are some real apostate churches in Jackson.

  3. The letter speaks...couldn't have said it better. Where I live there is one hospital(clinic) and it performs abortions. There are multiple churches in this small town. Quite simply there is no outcry from the "christian" community. Silence as the killing continues. No pastor, congregation calling for an end to the sacrifice of our unborn. Silence. Our land is filled with innocent blood.

  4. Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
    12 October 2005

    A week or so ago I had a dream, but I have waited till now to write it down. In the dream, I was sitting in a chair in a hallway and this man walked up to me and asked me, “If I know a man is in sin, shouldn’t I rebuke him?” I said something like, “Yes, if it is God’s will, you should rebuke him.” He then opened a door to an office. Sitting at the desk of the office was Pastor Mike Atkins of the Jackson Hole Christian Center [now renamed River Crossing Church—this added 28 September 2007] in Jackson, Wyoming. The man stood at the desk and told Pastor Atkins, “This church is dead and apostate and you need to repent of your sin.” The man and Pastor Atkins talked for a while. Just before the dream ended, I saw the face of Mrs. Atkins (the pastor’s wife): she was frowning; her countenance was fallen.

  5. JMD: I would much rather live in the most pro-Muslim, anti-Christian neighborhood in Iraq than be in a mother's womb here in the United States--it would be a lot safer. A mother's womb in the United States is the MOST violent place to be on this planet. Welcome to the American Culture of Death: welcome to Jackson Death Camp.

    1. This is a dream from the Lord to Deirdre Morris:

      June 8th

      Dear Brethren,

      This morning the LORD showed me some things in a dream. In the dream I was in a small town. The people there were not unlike any other people. They were selfish, going about their days with not much concern about their neighbors. I found myself in an abortion clinic where I saw a mid twenty something couple waiting in the waiting room. The LORD showed me the inclination of their hearts and they were cavalier about everything. Somehow (perhaps in the spirit) I witnessed the whole abortion process and more. Let me say this, the dream was extremely disturbing.
      In the dream I had I saw what happens after an abortion. I saw a little infant most likely in the first few weeks stage. The doctor put the baby in a grinding machine almost like a paper shredder. I watched as the baby went down. I knew the baby was already dead; I didn’t perceive life in him/her. But the seeing of the baby and all he/she could have been, looking at his/her shell was still saddening. As the baby was shredded, his parts went into this room. It looked very sterile and white. In the middle of the room was a large round metal thing that spun and made all the human parts spin around and separate. (Much like what happens in a cotton candy machine). It looked like the parts were spun out into threads. A person dressed in white (she looked like an engineer or scientist) was on the floor of this room/machine and every now and then would make sure all the threads were being separated and not sticking together. I thought, “how dare you destroy and separate what GOD has knitted together and created!” I was so full of disgust and sadness. The LORD gave me this realization that HE (indeed) does see everything! All things are laid bare before HIM. I saw in my spirit a sifting and it was disturbing to the core of my being. There are physical abortions of the flesh; abortions, murders, wars, killings...but there are spiritual abortions too. GOD creates life and the enemy tries to sift everything apart. He brings so many distractions to us. But we too are distracted by our own desires.

      People I was very disturbed this morning. Gordon says I look very tired and one of my eyes is bloodshot. I told him it was a heavy burden the LORD gave me this morning, but I believe there is another word in it.

      We need to pray for the FATHER's heart on matters. Perhaps we get a little confused about how things should be. We need HIS heart. We need to see like HE does, and understand and know like HE does. BE warned though, if you ask this, you will never be the same. You will be ruined for this world.

      I think there are things we need to be asking of the LORD. They are hard things. These things will be revealed to you by the HOLY SPIRIT.

      Praying for each of you,

  6. This speaks of 2 Timothy 3

    2Ti 3:4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    2Ti 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
    2Ti 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women [dwarfed spiritually] laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
    2Ti 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    As Deirdre said the real truth comes from the heart of the Father, our true Father in heaven.

  7. Thank you Deirdre and Sarah for your comments.

    Deirdre's dream was very vivid. It sounds like the Nazi death camps during World War II: they would take the dead bodies of the Jews and make lampshades out of their skin.

    Whatever will the Lord do with Jackson Death Camp?

  8. Dear Tim,
    Did you see this? Another friend from the Philippines sent this to me.

    I also got this from one of those baby name websites.

    Jack \j(a)-ck\ as a boy's name is pronounced jak. It is of Old English origin. Name based on John (Hebrew) "God is gracious", or Jacques, the French form of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants".

    Surely GOD has been gracious, giving what we don't deserve...but HE Who is gracious is also the supplanter. Yes, it would seem that change is coming...


  9. Deirdre:

    Thank you for telling me about The Trumpet Sound blog. I put the link on this post.

    When sin has reached its fullness, then the Lord harvests sin (judgment).