Friday, January 21, 2011

Governed by the Holy Ghost

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
27 March 2005

Galatians 5: 18: “But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.”

The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. The law is our schoolmaster until Christ be formed in us. The law and the letter came at Mt. Sinai. The Spirit was available after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be led by the Holy Spirit is where the Lord wants us—not to be constantly thinking about the letter of the law. The Lord doesn’t want us to be governed by the letter of the law, but to be governed by the Holy Ghost. The Law and the Prophets and the New Testament should be engraved in our hearts—it should be engrafted into our Spirit man. We should be a law unto ourselves.

The law is death. The letter is death. The flesh is death. The Spirit is life, peace, spontaneity, childlikeness, light, freedom, fresh revelation, wisdom and strength. My life of obedience to the Holy Ghost really disturbs Christians who are in bondage to legalism. They really get rattled. I am sure that when I was younger I had some legalism in me, but because I wanted the power of the Holy Ghost in my life, legalism eventually died out. The more you kick the demons out of your body and your soul, the freer you become. To be a bond slave of Christ is to be a free man; to be a bond slave of self will is slavery and sin and death. When a vessel willingly submits to the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost gives that vessel overcoming power over sin. The law is the box; the Holy Ghost is outside the box. Let us suffer His reproach without the box. We are not lawless, but a law unto ourselves: the “law” of the Holy Ghost.

Breaking off the Greek mindset


  1. I asked the Lord once how I could BE more kind and not just act that way because I am supposed to as a Christian. The Lord did make me understand that because He is in us, it is His Spirit that changes us. (As a willing participant of course.)

    "However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him. Rom 8:9

    The Holy Ghost always speaks to me in words that are not part of my vocabulary. That is one way I know it is the Lords Spirit speaking to my spirit. The Lord knows that I have always loved words so I know He does this on purpose. He has taught me so much.

  2. I believe the Lord speaks to us in different ways. He can speak to us Spirit to spirit (does it bear witness with your spirit?). He can speak to us through the Bible. Through dreams and visions. And He can speak to us through circumstances (like in the Book of Jeremiah where the Lord tells Jeremiah to go to the potter's house).

    When we are dead to self and in tune with the Holy Ghost, He really opens our eyes to His sovereignty in Heaven and earth. Especially in my hitchhiking, He is ALWAYS putting people in my path every day. Either I will talk with them or else they have something to say to me.

    The Lord can take one word in a sentence or one scene in a movie or one word from a two-year-old child and He will engraft that into our spirit to show us something, to teach us something.

    God leaves me in awe of His Lordship and His creation.

  3. Wow- Yes thank you for confirming that once again! It took a while for me to understand this. I though I was imagining thing!

    One time I overheard a man say this on TV, I was not even in the room!-- "Will you love them for me?" I knew that was the Lord speaking to me and I just wept because I knew He was asking me to love others as He does. This has been my biggest challenge. To love the seemingly unlovable even though they don't deserve it. But that is how He loves us, with a very special individual created love for each of the humans souls He creates.
    His ways ARE unsearchable!!

  4. Back to my previous comment. I know a married couple that live in Wyoming and they let me stay at their place whenever I am passing through town. They have a two-year-old son.

    The mother of the son told me that for two weeks her son would say "Pray for your eyes." Then I showed up and we all had a prayer meeting: I laid my hands on them and prayed in the Holy Ghost (I also call it praying in tongues). We prayed like this on two occasions. They later told me that they prayed together and a demon was cast out of the husband.

    "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings though hast perfected praise."

    The faith of a little child--and the Lord spoke through that little child. He is also an ornery, fun, playful kid who likes to show me his toy cars.

    Speaking of little kids. I was visiting some friends in Kansas and this young couple had four kids. The three-year-old once prayed with his mom and said, "Dear God, thank you that Mr. Tim is not dead. And if Mr. Tim needs a car, please give him a car. And if Mr. Tim needs a toy, please give him a toy."

    I thought it was so funny. I don't need a toy and I don't need a car, but I am still not dead. I am very grateful for that three-year-old's prayers.

  5. Walking in the Spirit. John 3:8 -> The wind blows "wherever it pleases". It freaks most people out when life isn't in a perfect little package or things aren't 2 dimensional. And When they see someone walking, moving and functioning in the spirit they just can't handle it and mostly turn to legalism (the law) to set things in order. All the saints have had their greatest and most severe challenge from the church itself.

  6. Randy: Absolutely positively AMEN! Churchy church people are my greatest opposition. The people that rejected Jesus the most were NOT the Romans or the Philistines or the strangers in Israel, but the Pharisees and Sadducees--the professional religion class. Jesus was a great threat to their power structure.

    Years ago (1984-1985) I was living in Washington, D.C. and there was this house for Catholic seminarians just a couple of doors down. Sometimes they invited me over for supper. This one guy who left the seminary after a year, heard about my hitchhiking around Ireland and Great Britain and was absolutely horrified; my presence made him feel very uneasy. At the time, I was a young Christian; when I was hitchhiking around Ireland and Great Britain, I believed in God and tried to live by faith in God, but I was not saved.

    Now years later, I am still hitchhiking and living by faith and being led by the Holy Ghost and it still freaks some people out. They will ask: Where do you get your money? What about food? What about the cold weather? (I mostly hitchhike in the Northwest of the United States). I tell them I live by faith: people help you out on the road, I get odd jobs here and there, the Lord is with me.

    "We live by faith and not by sight."

    "Those who are led by the Spirit shall be called sons."

    "It is only through faith that we are able to please God."