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Tithing and Witchcraft

This is from the blog End of Tithing:

Tithing and witchcraft 

For the casual reader of the Bible, it is clear that the word witchcraft means slightly different things between the old and the new testament. 

It is the new testament that we know that witchcraft is the work of the flesh 

It is there that Paul asked a set of believers: WHO has bewitched you? 

There is no way we can understand the massive prevalence of tithing in the church without concluding that this is the work of witchcraft. 

Paul said who has bewitched you, that you would not obey the truth.

Tithing is the disobedience to the truth of our freedom from the law in Christ Jesus. It flies in the face of our reality as new creatures. To tithe is to declare that you are not new creature, rather you are subscribed to an upgraded version of the Judaism. It is to say Jesus did not come to make all things new, rather to just add to the old. 

Tithing is therefore heretical. Period. It is an heresy that cannot be defended from scriptures. But people have bent over backwards, murdering scriptures, creating a culture of fear, and have not stood in the truth. The error started some years ago and has become a wildfire. It is witchcraft in operation. 

To tithe is to say that Jesus is not our High Priest. To preach tithe is to cast a false influence over the people. It is to put a veil over their eyes so that they stop seeing Christ as they should,  they start confusing him with Moses and they go back to bondage. 

Witchcraft is about deception and manipulation. Those who preach tithing handle the word of God deceitfully. They do not rightly divide the word of truth. And the devil is the father of lies. And truth will prevail. 

Yoruba will say: the lie can run for 20 years, the truth will catch up in just a day.

There can be no operation of witchcraft without lies. And it is a lie because it is contrary to the truth of scriptures. It is witchcraft if it is to move you from the scriptures. It is grand witchcraft if it is based on a false picture of God and a twisting of scriptures, a twisting of scriptures. To twist scriptures to get the people of God to act contrary to the word of God is the grand master of witchcraft. 

We saw that operate in the garden of Eden. The serpent used guile to cause Eve to disobey the truth, claiming that it is the “truth”. She disobeyed the truth thinking that she was acting on truth. That is the picture of the church now in the hands on the witchcraft preachers in league with the serpentine spirit. 

And when one person disobeys the truth, he begins to offer others the fruit of the disobedience. And a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. 

The truth says you are free from the law, the lie says that don’t worry, eat that fruit, as tithing was before the law, forgetting that circumcision was also before the law.

But when it (both tithing and circumcision) became law, the law gave it legal force to bind those who do not do it and other laws. 

So the witchcraft people also facilitate the people going into bondage. They have led the people back to Egypt, back to the house of bondage. 

Eve ate the fruit and she used her influence to get Adam to partake of it. 

Witchcraft is about abuse of influence/relationship to cause the other person to err from the truth.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with influence, but we need to judge the influence that wants to push us away from obeying the truth.

Anyone who preaches tithing is operating by witchcraft. He is using his influence to cause people to disobey the truth, he is causing the children of God to disobey the truth of God and just as judgement came on the serpent, judgement is sure for them. That is exactly what Paul said about those who “bewitched” the Galatians church. 

Witchcraft’s aim is bondage, it is what some people call the spirit of control. In tithing, the church establishes control over the finances of the people, against the will of God, against the truth. It therefore leads to the corruption of the whole church. 

The witchcraft practitioners on our pulpits use a lot of mind control, and emotional fear tactics.

They use their authority to paint a false picture of God, just as the serpent painted a false picture of God to Eve and caused her to fall, the witchcraft practitioners on our pulpits cause the people to fall from grace by acting contrary to the truth of who the are in Christ. Eve acted contrary to who she was, as the image of God, based on the persuasion of the serpent. 

The attack of the witchcraft practitioners is against truth. It is not about crowd, results, books written or read, crowd gathered, who approves or disapproves, argument proffered for or against. It is about the enslaving of people. That is what witchcraft is about.

The witchcraft preachers depend a lot on emotional tactics, they focus the people on what is seen. Does that sound familiar? The serpent focused Eve in the sight and physical appeal of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tithers are idolises their tithe. It comes a false god that they focus on to make things happen for them. 

With witchcraft, you are not allowed to use your judgement. Fear is added into the mix. And when fear is added our sound mind is compromised. 

Every witchcraft actively works with the Spirit of fear,  and according to 2Timothy 1:7, the spirit of fear means sound mind is compromised. 

You cannot motivate people to tithe (and preaching is about motivating, persuading people),  without using/cooperating with the spirit of fear and spirit of deception, (called lying spirit ), which are evil spirits. 

So tithing is certified as being by the operation of the spirit of witchcraft. It is witchcraft because of the end it is seeking, to establish control over people contrary to truth. God did not design that one man would have control over another. It is the truth that should control us, since only Jesus (the truth) is Lord. 

If you preach it (tithing) you are in league with witchcraft, if you pay it, you have been captured by the spirit of witchcraft. 

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Why Tithing is Wrong

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