Thursday, June 13, 2019

Street Preaching in Harlem, New York


  1. I just quite serendipitously stumbled across your High Plains Drifter blog and really enjoyed it. I looked for more and found this one. I am a traveler,too,and have always fancied myself as a sort of David Carradine/Cane character from the old Kung Fu TV show if only he were a follower of Jesus Christ. I do my best to share the love bestowed upon me wherever I go; sometimes better than others. I've felt a tug in my spirit now, for awhile, to street preach but haven't quite had the courage and Lo and Behold!...this is the first post that I see by you on this blog and it's dated yesterday. Glad to have found you and may God continue to Bless you in Jesus Mighty Name! Safe travels, my friend, Tory from Texas

    1. Tory: Good to hear from you. Keep spreading the Good News. God bless you.