Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Legends of Africa

A couple of days ago I hitchhiked from Reed Point, Montana to Selby, South Dakota. From Reed Point I got three rides to Billings. I was walking just east of Billings when I got a ride all the way to Selby.

This guy's name was Corey and he was from Ashley, North Dakota. We took I-94 to Miles City and then took U.S. 12 through southwest North Dakota. We stopped in Lemmon, South Dakota where Corey bought me supper at a Chinese restaurant.

Corey was a Christian and we had a good talk about the things of God. We talked a little about the Book of Revelation and I told him that I thought that Isaac Penington had the best interpretation on some of the things written in Revelation. I told Corey that he should read Penington's "Babylon the Great" for a better understanding on the Book of Revelation.

We drove through Standing Rock Indian Reservation in north central South Dakota and then he dropped me off in Selby on U.S. 83.

Corey and his wife have a business called The Legends of Africa; his wife is originally from Kenya. They sell products like Shea Butter, soap and other things. Corey gave me a small container of Shea Butter, which was a blessing because my hands were cracked and sore from the dry, western climate that I hitchhike in. I put some of the Shea Butter on my hands, and within twenty-four hours, the soreness was virtually gone. Now forty-eight hours later, there is no soreness. My hands are healing up very well. I am very grateful.

After Corey dropped me off in Selby, I walked all over town looking for a junkyard so that I could crawl into a junked vehicle and get some sleep. It was not cold, but the ground was wet and muddy. I didn't want to set up my tent on the wet ground--and there was still a lot of snow in some places. I finally walked to this gas station and talked to the lady that worked there and she said that I could sleep in the cafe. I slept on the floor of the cafe that night and then headed to Pierre, South Dakota the next morning.

The Legends of Africa


  1. wow thats an interesting story. i stumbled upon it in hopes to find real 100% pure unrefined shea butter in bulk to make my own lotion for my family. tryin to keep from gettin ripped off so im doin some research and this is where i ended up.

  2. lol just wonderin was there any punny conversation because of your name being shey in relation to coreys bussiness sellin shea butter? do you have a faceook account? not that im much for the internet social life. just wanted to add you. i dont believe roads just cross for no reason :)

  3. Corey gave me some Shea Butter before he dropped me off. For dry, cracked hands, it is the best stuff I have ever used. I later gave some of that Shea Butter to a friend in Idaho who is a wood worker and his hands healed up real fast.

    In our conversation, I don't think we talked about his selling Shea Butter and my last name being Shey. I do have a Facebook account.

  4. hi tim,,,, its corey. aaron posted this link to my website and I was surprised to hear the story. We had a nice conversation and I am very glad to hear of the results of the shea on your hands. its been a while.

    1. Corey: It's good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well.

      Speaking of Africa: I just saw the film "The Ghost and the Darkness" yesterday; I thought it was a good film (it is set in Africa).

      Take care.