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Like a Leaf on a River

Back in November of 2008, I was hitchhiking in eastern Idaho. I got dropped off in Rigby and started walking on this frontage road that ran parallel with U.S. 20. This car pulled up to me and stopped. There was a man and lady inside. They were Christians and we had a good chat about the things of God. They gave me a small booklet: Like a Leaf on a River: Guidance from Outside the Walls by Larry Meyers. I read it within the next day or so. It is really inspiring. Larry has a lot of depth and wisdom that the Lord has given him; this booklet really glorifies God.

Here are some quotes from Like a Leaf on a River:

"The greatest cathedrals in the world are only monuments to the ideals of men. God does not dwell in temples made with hands."

"It is the empty basket that is ready to be filled with fruit."

"Thoughts always generate to the past or the future. They are a wall between you and God. You must bring your thoughts back to the center of the universe which is now. The wall will come down when You choose to live with God in the center of the present moment; continual now, forever."

"The voice of God can only be found in the still depths of silence. Quiet yourself and wait upon the Lord. In time you will begin to hear His words. They will guide you in everything."

"Finding obedience, is only entering into the unity."

"Take a drop of water in your hand and drop it into the ocean. Can that drop be any longer identified as a single self, or has it now become one with the ocean? Lose your selfish self, and fall into God. Become one with Him."

"The world is a harlot, another lover. God will accept nothing short of all your heart. If the world has even a part of your heart, you have cheated God, but most of all, you have cheated yourself."

"If you can be manipulated or controlled, you are yet the servant of another."

"Do you know what you know about me from others, or have you found this out by yourself?" --Jesus

"To dwell in the secret place of God must truly be kept a secret. Would you tell the intimacies of marriage to strangers?"

"The New Testament refers to Jesus as savior seventeen times. The same book refers to Him as Lord nearly seven hundred times. Connect the dots."

[Blogwriter's note: The above quote is very significant. Many Christians know Jesus as savior, but they do not know Him as Lord. They do not know that Jesus is Lord over their circumstances, or that He engineers their circumstances. They need to get saved from their shallow relationship with Jesus, take up their cross, die to self and get into a deeper relationship with Him.]

"All the world operates on a system of manipulation and control. How is it that I have found this system within the walls of that which you call the church? There are tares among the wheat."

"The Church of our Lord has no walls, no structure, and no organization. And most of all, its leaders will not be men of pride, politics or manipulation."

"Jesus said, 'Upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.' In the modern church there is the evidence of the gates of hell."

"Come out of her my people."

"And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him. --The Apostle Paul

"Life is just a series of little miracles."

"Our perceptions are so strangled by the ungodliness of the world that the occasional flash of truth is preceived as a miracle."

"The leaf does not concern itself with what might be around the next bend. It does not even have to remember to trust."

"The life of the leaf is the surrendered life, the yielded life."

"The teacher is only an old man dressed in rags. Everyone is thirsty and he is the one who carries the water."

These were just a few of the quotes in Larry's booklet. These quotes are gold, silver and precious stones from the Throneroom of Grace. I am very grateful that the Lord put Larry in my path back in Idaho.

There was no mailing address or email address on the booklet, but there was a telephone number: 425-346-5433


By Tim Shey

Brutal deathdance;
My eyes weep blood.
Pharisees smile like vipers,
They laugh and mock their venom:
Blind snakes leading
The deaf and dumb multitude.

Where are my friends?
The landscape is dry and desolate.
They have stretched my shredded body
On this humiliating tree.

The hands that healed
And the feet that brought good news
They have pierced
With their fierce hatred.

The man-made whip
That opened up my back
Preaches from a proper pulpit.
They sit in comfort:
That vacant-eyed congregation.
The respected, demon-possessed reverend
Forks his tongue
Scratching itchy ears
While Cain bludgeons
Abel into silence.

My flesh in tattered pieces
Clots red and cold and sticks
To the rough-hewn timber
That props up my limp, vertical carcase
Between heaven and earth.
My life drips and puddles
Below my feet,
As I gaze down dizzily
On merciless eyes and dagger teeth.

The chapter-and-versed wolves
Jeer and taunt me.
Their sheepwool clothing
Is stained black with the furious violence
Of their heart of stone.
They worship me in lip service,
But I confess,
I never knew them
(Though they are my creation).

My tongue tastes like ashes:
It sticks to the roof of my mouth.
I am so thirsty.
This famine is too much for me.
The bulls of Bashan have bled me white.
Papa, into your hands
I commend my Spirit.

February/March 1997
Iowa State University

Genesis 49: 10: “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”

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