Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Name

Abraham and Isaac

Dreams from the Lord 2003-2006
28 June 2005

In Genesis Chapter 17, the Lord changes Abram's name to Abraham and changes Sarai's name to Sarah. The covenant of circumcision is established. The Lord tells Abraham and Sarah that they will have a son and his name shall be Isaac.

Genesis 17: 2: "And I will make my covenant between me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly."

Name change. New name. When the Lord changes your name, it means something; it is powerful and permanent. Jews and Christians know the Father of faith is Abraham, not Abram. Multiplication. Circumcision. They shall have a son. The Messianic bloodline shall continue. Isaac was the miracle baby--born when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 years old. The name change was revolutionary. I believe Abraham became more intimate with God. The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham's intercession saved Lot from destruction. Why would the Lord need to tell Abraham of the impending judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah? Because Abraham was a friend of God.

Genesis 17: 21: "But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this time in the next year." The covenant was established with Isaac after the name change and after circumcision. I believe that because the Lord established a new covenant with Abraham, the Lord had to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's sake so they wouldn't have to deal with those wicked men anymore.

New name: new wine for new wineskins. New name. New work. Birth of Isaac. The torch is passed onto a new generation.

Genesis 17: 6: "And I will make thee exceedingly fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee."

When the Lord changes your name, it has a powerful ripple effect throughout the world.

Genesis 32: 38: "And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed."

29 June 2005

Revelation 3: 12: "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name."

John 1: 42: "And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone."

Acts 13: 9: "Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him."

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