Monday, March 1, 2010

A Ride in Nebraska back in 2006 or What Goes Around Comes Around

Yesterday I was looking at a couple of posts that I had on a thread on a website called This rancher from Merriman, Nebraska had picked me up in June of 2006; I guess I was heading to Washington, D.C. at the time. I remember that he was a Christian and that we had a really good talk. He dropped me off at a gas station in Cody, Nebraska where he took a photo of me with my backpack.

This rancher (called "Soapweed" on had several photos on that same thread and I looked at the photos for the first time yesterday. I showed these photos to my friends, Shawn and Theresa (who live in Valentine, Nebraska), and they said that they recognized the photo of the young man working on the windmill. They said that his dad used to go to their church in Cody some years ago. Soapweed took some very good photos.

Shawn and his wife took me to a farm just west of Ainsworth a few days ago to see a couple of their friends. Their names were Greg and Marla. Shawn asked Greg if he had ever picked up any hitchhikers. Greg said that he and his wife picked this hitchhiker up on U.S. 12 in Idaho in the fall of 2004. He then said that the hitchhiker sent him a book that he had written. Greg stopped to look for the book and then handed the book [typescript] to me. It was my book! [High Plains Drifter]

This lady that I met hitchhiking back in 2004 owned a print shop in Lewiston, Idaho. She told me to give her a floppy disk with my book on it and she would make photocopies and send it to anyone that I wanted. It is really incredible how the Lord works. What goes around comes around.

High Plains Drifter
At a Cafe in Merriman, Nebraska 
It's a Small World

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