Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Step Back Home - Helping the Homeless

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
2 April 2007

I got a ride from Park City, Montana to Bozeman last night with a student from Montana State University. He is a Christian and said I could stay at his place for a while. It is snowing pretty hard right now, so I am glad not to be hitchhiking in this weather today.

About the trip to Washington, D. C.: it took me nine days to hitchhike from Riverton, Wyoming to D.C. and it took nine days to hitchhike from D.C. to Casper, Wyoming. As usual, I met some great people on the trip and passed out my CD [which contained my High Plains Drifter and Dreams from the LORD] to a lot of people. I am grateful that the Frampton family in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania took care of me for two days and that the guy in Freeport, Ohio let me sleep in his van that one night. The hills of eastern Ohio are absolutely beautiful.

I hitchhiked from western Ohio to St. Charles, Missouri in one day; these people picked me up in Granite City, Illinois and took me to St. Charles and helped get me a motel room for the night. The next day this guy picked me up and took me to MacDonald’s and bought me a meal. His name is Paul Kruse and he is a Christian and he has a homeless ministry called First Step Back Home. The Lord is totally blessing his ministry. He gave me a couple of newspaper articles that were written about his work with the homeless. Paul’s website is  Paul is helping a lot of people--the power of God is present in his life. The greatest sermon is a man’s life submitted to Christ: some people talk the talk; Paul Kruse walks the walk. I am grateful that the Lord let me meet him while I was hitchhiking.

I then made my way west across Missouri--it was very warm and humid--I think it was in the 70s that day--I don’t miss the humidity of the East and the Midwest at all. I got a ride to Kansas City, Kansas and started walking west on I-70 when this tractor-trailer pulled over and picked me up. This guy took me all the way to Denver--he even bought me a sandwich somewhere in Kansas. I then hitchhiked north out of Denver and got a ride with a young lady and her son from Wellington, Colorado all the way to Casper, Wyoming. When we got to Casper, I-25 was closed because of a snow storm that hit the area a few days before, so this young lady helped get me a motel room on the east side of Casper for one night. A couple of days later I made it to Montana.


Even though I hitchhike a lot and don't have a home to live in, I do not consider myself to be homeless. My home is with the Lord Jesus Christ, New Jerusalem, Zion, the Presence of God. Home is where the heart is. I have lived in houses where I DID think I was homeless, because the Spirit of God was not there. Jesus is with me everywhere I go. I am the richest man on the planet.


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  2. I just started reading this blog. This is really encouraging...Maybe I should just leave! :D
    Sounds good to me.

  3. Weird coincidence, Tim. My mother works in Granite City, and I'm from St. Charles, Mo.

    I enjoy reading about the people that you encounter during your travels.


  4. Joshua: If you do hit the road, pray about it first. It is good to have the Lord's blessings before you start travelling.

    Adam: Yeah, I have hitchhiked through Missouri many times. Met a lot of good people.