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Laughing at Evolution

"Laughing at Evolution"

By Edward F. Blick—Emeritus Professor of Engineering, University of Oklahoma

[Dr. Edward Blick has been Professor of Aerodynamics, Nuclear Engineering, Geological Engineering, and other subjects for more than thirty years at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Blick worked on Project Mercury at NASA, as well as the F4 fighter. He has written over 150 scientific papers, and he rejects the possibility of an old Earth or the process of evolution occurring within either plant or animal life.]

“We all love to laugh, it’s good medicine. We laughed at the Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, who said, ‘I sometimes believe in six impossible things before breakfast.’ The Darwinists are even more hilarious—they not only believe, but also teach more than six impossible fairy tales in their biology classes. The history of their pathetic attempt to pump life into the Lenin-like corpse of evolution is full of laughs.

“Charles Darwin was born into wealth. He spent two years in medical school, dropping out after spending too much time in bars. He had some divinity training but failed to make it as an Anglican minister. He was never a scientist but took a position as a naturalist on a ship and later wrote his racist books The Origin of Species and the Preservation of Favored Races and Descent of Man. He was ignorant of genetics. He married his first cousin. All seven of his children either died young or had mental or physical disorders.

“Without any facts, he conjured up his pangenesis theory. He assumed that species changed to other species because all cells produced gemmules. Gemmules supposedly arose by some kind of reaction to the environment. Each of these gemmules entered the sex cells of the sperm or egg (it must have been crowded in there), which later were transmitted to the offspring. Big problem! No one could find Darwin’s imaginary gemmules and pangenesis died shortly after birth!

“In 1870, Adam Sedgewick, leading geologist of England, wrote Darwin: ‘I read your book with more pain than pleasure. Parts, I laughed at till my sides were sore; others I read with absolute sorrow, because I think them utterly false—you deserted the true method of induction.’ Induction is reasoning from facts to theory. Darwin His writings were conjecture piled upon conjecture. ‘Maybe’ and ‘perhaps’ form the basis of his books! reasoned from theory to facts!

“Darwin’s writings were not science but philosophical musings. But something had to be done to keep the world believing Darwinism. Prof. Ernest Haeckel tried by faking drawings of embryos (which he claimed repeated ‘fish to reptile to mammal’ evolution, but fellow embryologists in his trial at Jena University discovered his fakes. Believe it or not, Haeckel’s fakes are used as proofs of evolution in biology books today. His forgeries are like gonorrhea, a gift that keeps on giving!

“The next attempt to resurrect Darwinism came in 1872. The British ship HMS Challenger had dredged ocean sediments for four years looking for half-formed fossils. None were found. Since none had ever been found on land, the evolutionary fairy tale of the gradual production of billions of fossils in sedimentary strata was quietly set aside. The Challenger did provide a momentary hope when it dredged up some blob from the ocean floor. It was a live microbe, some kind of a missing link! They named it Bathybuis Haeckeli after the king of biological fakery, Ernest Haeckel. In 1875, however, it was discovered to be not a life form, but a chemical precipitate of sulfate of lime. True to form, the discovery was carefully swept under the rug and hidden from the public.

“In the meantime Darwin had returned to Lamark’s previously discarded idea, that giraffes developed long necks by stretching to reach those leaves on the top of trees. This theory died again in 1883 when German biologist Leopold Weisman cut off the tails of white mice in 19 successive generations and the tails always reappeared. Similarly, after 4,000 years of circumcision, Jewish men still had foreskins. More bad news for poor old Saint Darwin!

“Who can rescue Darwinism? In 1930 Austin H. Clark tried to plug the gap with a new theory, ‘zoogenesis.’ Clark was a well-respected Darwinist at the Smithsonian Institute. He had written books and 600 articles in five languages. However, to his dismay, he could never find any evidence of macroevolution in animals or plants. In his 1930 book The New Evolution: Zoogenesis he cited fact after fact proving macroevolution could not have occurred. He concluded, therefore, that plants and animals must have sprung fully formed from dirt and water! The evolutionary world was stunned into silence. Clark was the Carl Sagan of his day. He supposedly knew all the answers. Quickly they buried Clark’s theory.

“The next ‘batter up’ was world-famous geneticist Richard Goldschmidt, who tried to come to the rescue of the embarrassed Darwinians by attempting to prove macroevolution was caused by mutations. For 25 years he was the godfather to millions of generations of gypsy moths. He zapped them with x-rays and chemicals. He found mutations produced nothing but deformities. No new species! He concluded rats were still rats and rabbits were still rabbits. In his 1940 book The Material Basis for Evolution, Goldschmidt exploded the ammunition box of evolutionary theory. He literally tore the theory to pieces. He was an honest atheist who faced the facts. But not wanting to acknowledge God, he proposed a new mechanism of evolution called the ‘Hopeful Monster Mechanism.’ One day an alligator laid an egg and a turkey hatched out! You’ve got to remember, boys and girls, this is science!

“For the next 30 years evolutionists were in turmoil because they had (1) no proof that evolution had ever occurred, (2) no reasonable mechanism to explain evolution, and (3) zillions of missing links! They had bitter arguments among themselves about possible theories. The embarrassment of Goldschmidt’s crude theory caused Harvard’s Stephen Gould in 1972 and a little later, Steven Daley of Johns Hopkins University to ‘smarten up’ Goldschmidt’s ugly theory by giving it a new name, ‘Punctuated Equilibrium” (Gould), and the even better “Quantum Speciation” (Stanley). But it was still a monster by any name.

“The discovery in the 1950s of DNA by Francis Crick and James Watson crushed the hopes of biological evolutionists. It provided clear evidence that every species is locked into its own coding pattern. Only variation with a kind (microevolution) can occur. Mathematicians showed the odds against forming DNA by chance were ‘quad-zillions and quad-zillions to one.’ Evolution by chance was impossible! But atheist Crick was not ready to believe in God. He dreamed up a new theory: some unknown ‘space alien’ sprinkled sperm in our solar system and eventually creatures evolved on some planet (Krypton?). These ‘evolved space creatures’ then built a ‘Noah’s Ark’ rocket ship and, after a long journey, came down to the earth to unload their zoo. Crick named his new theory ‘Panspermia.’ This, boys and girls, is called science or! Now NASA’s 'Life in Space Program' is spending billions of our tax dollars shooting probes into our solar system looking for this ‘sperm donor’!

“There you have it—the skeletons in evolution’s closet. The kooky theories of pangenesis, gemmules, Lamarkism, zoogenesis, punctuated equilibrium, quantum speciation, and panspermia are all just guesses. None were proven. They make good fodder for fairy tale writers. They are a barrel of laughs!

“How can supposedly reasonable men believe this weird stuff and then try to pass if off as science? They’ve emptied out the stables and dumped it on the gullible public. Most Americans believe people with Ph.D.s in science are unbiased, honest, and seek the truth. But they are fallen creatures like the rest of humanity. They can have biases, be dishonest, and seek only to further their own goals, honorable or dishonorable.

“The Darwinists have a well-oiled propaganda machine to keep their true goals hidden from the taxpayers, two-thirds of whom believe in creation. Darwinists have Web sites set up to deflect criticism of evolution and to further their legislative and judicial goals, which are to kill God and elevate humanism to His throne.

“Darwinists try to hide their atheist religion from the majority of Americans who believe in God. One of the Darwinist Web sites has enlisted Jimmy Carter to proselyte Christians and baptize them into ‘The Church of Darwin’ (in the name of the unholy trinity, Darwin, Haeckel, and Nietzche?) These new converts are called theistic evolutionists. At the 1959 Darwinian Centennial Celebration, Julian Huxley’s keynote address focused on the total repudiation of God. Huxley was asked why the world, 100 years ago, leaped at Darwin’s book. He answered it freed us from God’s sexual mores! Evolution is a religion of no God!

“Darwinists have given up public debates because they lost hundreds of them in the 1970s and ‘80s. Why did they lose? As a participant in two of them, I will tell you. They lost because they had no proof. Amazing! No proof! They usually tried old debate tricks of personal attacks on their opponents, i.e. ‘You can’t be a scientist because you believe the Bible,’ etc. But they lost because audiences were shocked—shocked that the Darwinists had no proof! And they have none today!

“In editorials and letters to the editor, the Darwinists produce no proofs. They commonly try to bluff us with pompous statements like, ‘Evolution has been proved as much as gravity and it is believed by all scientists.’ Get real—sure, and the moon is made of green cheese! It’s all a bluff, designed to shut up critics and convert us to their atheistic religion. Hitler and his propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels would have been proud. You tell a lie long enough and loud enough and people will believe it! Unfortunately, a lot of Americans have swallowed the lie, including about half of our college graduates. Our courts and media are full of Darwinists. Their bulldog, the ACLU, is working overtime to wipe God from all of public life. Humanism over all is their goal!

“Tragically the Darwinists are wrecking western civilization. In the first half of the twentieth century, Darwinism hijacked the militant policies of Germany. The religion of Darwin, Nietzche, and Haeckel became the religion of Hitler and his Nazi gang. The result was 11 million dead in their attempt to produce the Aryan super race and a victorious Germany. World War II was the most violent form of evolution ever seen.

“In the last half century, evolution has softly hijacked the American educational system and inflicted a great defeat on American culture. Crime has skyrocketed; homosexuality and gay marriage have been mainstreamed; and our morals have submerged into a cesspool. Why? Kids brainwashed with this kooky nonsense, are taught that they evolved from apes, so they act like apes. If it feels good, do it.

“Not only are the Darwinians scrambling to deflect attacks from creationists, but also they are arguing with each other over their different theories. ‘So heated is the debate that one Darwinian says there are times when he thinks about going into a field with more intellectual honesty, the used car business’ (Newsweek, April 8, 1985, p. 80).

“‘I suppose that nobody will deny that it is a great misfortune if an entire branch of science becomes addicted to a false theory. But this is what has happened in biology . . . . I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit in the history of science’ (Soren Lovtrup, The Refutation of a Myth, 1987).

--from the Prophetic Observer
April 2006—Vol. 13, No. 4
Copyright 2006 by Southwest Radio Church

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  1. This is an email that I received from Dan Bergey a couple of days ago: Dan picked me up hitchhiking earlier this year in South Dakota:

    [this is an excerpt]

    Hey Tim,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks for the links. I am always interested in the creation-evolution debate. Sad, but true that the vast majority of my colleagues are afraid of having meaningful, educational discussions on these issues. Somehow feel threatened, I have found, and often become defensive because they have coupled their worldviews to science and can no longer be objective. I have found that often so-called experts are often highly bigoted and shallow-minded; afraid to have mature, penetrating discussions with someone (like myself) who knows and understands the nuts and bolts of the theories, and is not afraid to address their limitations – this is how science is supposed to advance. There is always a problem when a so-called scientist always views the work through a singular world view. This is not objective thought or reasoning. This is not scientific. This is not objective. A good understanding of biology, evolutionary theory, and physical science will convince anyone with a fertile and open mind that life itself, and the subsequent generation of the immense diversity of biological systems on this planet, could not have occurred by strictly physical means and forces. There has clearly been a guiding hand (unknown “force”) providing direction for life to go forward toward more organization, complexity, intricate molecular cooperation, etc. This is significant because everything physical degrades, it doesn’t naturally become more complex. Rocks decay, all living organisms die and (it seems) go extinct eventually, the sun is slowly burning out, etc. Everything in the physical universe degrades into simpler, less complex forms. So what “force” initiated and sustained the first self-replicating life form in the first place and, then provided the guiding force that drove it forward to the vast array of infinitely more complex forms that exist today (or have already become extinct)? Life itself should have never even begun on this planet in the first place, much less advanced to the level of integrated, multi-cellular living “systems”. This is a question science and all human collective knowledge and experience about the natural world cannot and, IMO, will never be able to answer.



    Daniel R. Bergey, Ph.D.
    Asst. Professor
    Jonas Science (Biology) Rm. 108
    Black Hills State University / Spearfish, S.D. 57799

    Ph: (605) 642-6616

  2. A year or so ago, I was hitchhiking in Nevada and this guy picked me and took me to Twin Falls, Idaho. He said that if evolution is true, then why don't sharks and apes drive Cadillacs?

  3. Last night I watched one of the best ever programs on the History Channel. It was called "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"--it was about Adolf Hitler's Germany. It was pretty much a history of Germany from the end of World War I to 1945. It was a four-hour program.

    When they got to the part about children being recruited (coerced) to join the Hitler Youth, the first thing that came into my mind was the American public school system. The Hitler Youth was basically a Nazi brainwashing program.

    I am guessing that 90 percent of all students that graduate from high schools in the United States are brainwashed to believe that mankind evolved from apes, grapes or primordial goop.

    The Lord created the heavens and the earth. I am not an animal. I am a creation or a creature that is wonderfully made by God--a Son of God, through faith in Jesus Christ.

    The religion of evolution is absolutely degrading.

  4. “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

    –Werner Heisenberg (Father of Quantum Physics)