Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hearing From God; Obeying God

Gleanings in Genesis
By Arthur W. Pink

Chapter 32. "Jacob’s Departure from Haran"

Page 278: "Jacob was in a strange land. He had been there for twenty years, yet he knew he was not to spend the remainder of his days there. God had assured him he should return to Canaan. How much longer then was he to tarry at Padan-Aram? When was he to start out for his old home? How could he be sure when God’s time for him to move had arrived? Pressing questions these. Note how the answer to them is found here in three things: first, a definite desire sprang up in Jacob’s heart to return home—this is evident from Gen. 30: 25. But this in itself was not sufficient to warrant a move, so Jacob must wait a while longer. Second, circumstances became such that a move seemed the wise thing; the jealousy of Laban and his sons made his continued stay there intolerable. (Gen. 31: 1,2.) This was ordered of God who makes all things “work together” for the good of His own people. But still something more was needed ere Jacob was justified in leaving. So, in the third place there was a clear word from God—'The Lord said unto Jacob, Return unto the land of thy fathers.' (Gen. 31: 3.)"

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