Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Miguel, California

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
16 January 2007

I got dropped off in San Miguel, California late yesterday afternoon. I slept in a haystack on a ranch just north of San Miguel. It got down to 16 degrees F last night--very cold for this part of California.

I left Riverton, Wyoming on the 10th of January. I hitchhiked south through Utah and Arizona. I stayed at a Christian mission in Flagstaff for one night. I headed west on I-40 and got a ride from Ash Fork, Arizona to Kramer Junction, California with a couple, Stephan and Suzie.

Stephan, Suzie and I had a great conversation. They were coming back from Phoenix and Flagstaff and were going back to Orange County where they lived. Stephan used to do some hitchhiking years ago. We talked about living by faith and other things of God. They bought me a big Subway sandwich in Kingman and then they had me drive from Kingman to Barstow.

I slept in some abandoned motel in Kramer Junction and hitchhiked to Bakersfield and then to Wasco. A young man named Steve gave me a ride to Wasco. We had a good talk about the Gospel. He said that you had to be desperate for God when you live as a Christian. I like the word “desperate”; if Steve stays hungry and desperate for God, then he will always be in good hands--in God’s hands. I slept in an orchard just west of Wasco that night. The next day I made my way to Lost Hills, Paso Robles and then to San Miguel. I will continue to go north on U.S. 101 till the Lord tells me different. It is still very cool here in San Miguel; I hope it warms up some.

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