Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wes Barron's Dream

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
14 September 2005

In the past week or so, Wes [Barron] told me that he had a dream from the Lord that was very interesting. Here is Wes' dream:

"In my dream, I was in the army. I was on the west side of the Teton Pass fighting Germans with my squad. Everyone in my squad died except one guy and myself. We ran over the top to the Jackson side of the pass. As we came over the top, we laid bombs--like really big pipe bombs. Then we hustled down the pass, and as soon as the Germans came over the top, we blew the bombs and all the Germans died. Then we continued down the mountain. When we laid the pipe bomb, I asked, 'We're laying pipe bombs?' The guy I was with said, 'We always lay pipe bombs.' I don't know what this part meant. Once we were off the mountain, we started hitchhiking. We walked through a field, and on the other side was a highway where we could hitchhike. On our way across the field, we walked through a shed with a well in it. The guy I was with started to sink in quick mud. I grabbed him with one arm and pulled him out quite easily. He said it felt like he was being pulled down. I think this was a demonic attack. We then crossed the field and got to the highway to start hitchhiking. Right then I saw Tim and talked with him for a bit. There was a really pretty young woman who was the daughter of the owners of the land we crossed. Tim knew her because he stayed there whenever he passed by. Then the dream ended, I think. It was like I was teaching this guy how to hitchhike just as Tim does. I think hitchhiking stands for walking in faith. Seeing Tim was confirmation of walking in faith. The Germans we were fighting had a lot of heavy firepower. There were quite a few tanks. All were destroyed by the pipe bombs."

Mayor's Son Dies in Fall
Wes Barron, Rest in Peace with God

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  1. I have read and reread this dream many times over the years. This dream reminds me of David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant and a man of war since his youth and he wore a lot of heavy armor.

    David had no armor and used a stone and a slingshot to knock out and kill Goliath. Of course, David put his faith in God first.

    In the dream, Wes and his friends destroyed all the tanks and heavy firepower with only pipe bombs. Wes and his friends acted in faith and the Lord gave them the victory.