Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Prophetess from Minnesota

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
18 December 2004

Somewhere in December of 1991 some friends of mine invited me to some Pentecostal church in Marshalltown, Iowa. That Sunday a prophetess from Minnesota gave the sermon. She was originally from Greece. After the sermon, she walked through the people gathered in the church and prophesied over every one of them. When she came to me she said, “You have a message to give.” I didn’t think about it much at the time: if it (the prophecy) was from the Lord, fine; if it wasn’t from the Lord, fine.

It wasn’t until 1998 that the Lord told me that her prophecy came to pass in 1997 when my two poems “A Prophet’s Eyes” and “Shiloh” were published in Ethos magazine. I believe “Shiloh” disturbed a lot of people. “Shiloh” was absolutely inspired by (dictated to me by) the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would wake me up in the middle of the night and I would have to write down several more verses—that happened for three nights. The great miracle about the whole thing is that the Lord told me to submit these two poems to Ethos, which is a secular magazine, and they were published. Ethos is published by the Journalism Department at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.


  1. I have a compilation of inventions, art, music, books and battle plans that came in dreams. I would like to republish your Ethos poem and also your explanation of how you received the poem.

  2. Here is the dream invention compilation:

  3. Which dream do you want to republish: "Shiloh" or "A Prophet's Eyes"? And where would you republish it at?

    If you do republish one of these poems, be sure to give credit to Ethos Magazine because they were the magazine who published it first. Yeah, I think it would be all right if you wanted to republish one of those poems. Keep me posted.

    I am pretty sure that I have hitchhiked through Modesto before. It is on Highway 99 somewhere east of San Francisco and south of Sacramento.

  4. I bet most true prophets never know if their word of prophecy they gave to a person comes to pass. They are just to give it in obedience to the Holy Ghost and the rest is up to God.

  5. Sarah: Amen. Prophets and other Christians are here to act in faith out of obedience to the Lord. If someone gives a word to someone else, that is an end in itself. We may never find out in this lifetime if something reached fruition. We will probably find out in heaven.

    One time back in Iowa, the Lord had me warn someone about sin in his life. It was the most powerful display of Holy Ghost power and anger I had ever experienced; it was very supernatural. Before I rebuked that man, I was walking in these woods and, all of a sudden, my lungs filled up with air (the air was forced into my lungs--it was supernatural--it was the power of the Holy Ghost) and I spoke very loudly and with holy anger, "I hate this place! This place is built on sin!" (that place was the man's property)

    It surprised the tar out of me. Wow, I thought, that was the Lord! Later that night, I rebuked that man in the power of the Holy Ghost. After the rebuke, I had perfect peace in my spirit. I later hitchhiked south and then headed west into Nebraska.

    The key thing is that I obeyed the Lord. As far as I know, that man has never repented of his sin. That's his problem, not mine.


    When it comes to false prophets: half the problem is that the people who gravitate towards false prophets are already in sin themselves. The other half of the problem is the pride/unrepented sin of the false prophet. Demons of a feather flock together.