Monday, July 12, 2010

From Alpine, Wyoming to McCammon, Idaho

Sometimes the Lord has you go on short hitchhiking trips.

Yesterday I was standing on the side of the road just south of Alpine, Wyoming and this guy pulled over to give me a ride. His name was Chris and he was going back to northern Utah where he lived. He and some of his friends were on a camping trip near Alpine for the weekend.

The unusual thing about this ride was that the steering wheel was on the right side of the cab--which meant that I was riding on the left side of the cab. I hadn't experienced this since I hitchhiked in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales back in 1980.

Chris is a Christian and we had some great fellowship as we drove through western Wyoming and eastern Idaho. I hadn't had such intense fellowship in a long time. It was very edifying.

We stopped in Soda Springs, Idaho to get a hamburger. We then drove to Lava Hot Springs where we visited some friends of his at an RV park.

Chris dropped me off at McCammon where U.S. 30 intersects I-15. From there I walked a couple of miles north and got a ride to Pocatello.

I tried to hitchhike west on I-86, but there were no rides. I thought the Lord wanted me to head to Oregon and California, but this wasn't His will. So I walked back east a few miles and camped out near the interstate that night.

There is no doubt that the reason I had hitchhiked to Alpine was that I could meet Chris. Chris is a very strong Christian and I am grateful that the Lord put him in my path.

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