Friday, July 23, 2010

The Strange Wanderings of a Perfect Shepherd

"The greatest cathedrals in the
world are only monuments
to the ideals of men. God does
not dwell in temples made
with hands."

"It is the empty basket that
is ready to be filled with fruit."

"To pray, you must quiet your mouth,
both without and within. It is only
in great silence that communion
with God is found. Silence
without and within.
True and total silence is the key.
Try not to think. Try not to speak.
The voice of God can only be found
in the still depths of silence. Quiet
yourself and wait upon the Lord. In
time you will begin to hear His Words.
They will guide you in everything."

--from Perfect Unity


"This path makes no sense
to the structured or religious mind.
It is the strange wanderings of the
perfect shepherd that have captivated
my soul and crushed my perceptions
on the path of no self."

"Detachment from self,
and the world, will be your path.
The world will hate you.
It hates what it cannot control.
Cast your gaze into mine and
come away with me."

--from Prelude to Light


"Your works are your garments.
Do not be found naked.
Do not be found in the attire
of a harlot. Do not be found
without the wedding garment
of submission and fidelity."

"If you can be manipulated or controlled,
you are yet the servant of another."

"There is no greater force dwelling
on this earth, than a man of God."

"Eternal life is knowing God and Jesus
Christ whom He sent. Knowing about
Him will not be enough on that day.
Beware of doctrines that excuse you from
the responsibilities of relationship."

"As you walk in this body, the three
main promises of God are provision,
protection and health. They are yours
if you walk with God. You are under
an umbrella of protection. Step out
from under that umbrella and whatever is
falling on everyone else will
fall on you as well."

"The New Testament refers to Jesus
as savior seventeen times. The same
book refers to Him as Lord nearly seven
hundred times. Connect the dots."

"He did not live a life
of comfort. He owned
nothing. His path was stained
with blood. He said,
'follow me.'"

"Seek and ye shall find. If you do
not seek, do not expect to find."

"Run from those things that are loud,
noisy and continually chattering or
speaking. Otherwise you will find
no silence within."

"Your Word is a lamp unto
my feet, and a light for my paths."

"That which represents itself as the church
today, is lifeless, powerless and fragmented.
If it were the body of Christ as it claims to
be, it would be dead, impotent,
and cut in pieces."

"All the world operates on a system
of manipulation and control. How is
it that I have found this system within
the walls of that which you call
the church? There are tares
among the wheat."

"Jesus said, 'Upon this rock I will build
my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not
prevail against it.' In the modern church
there is the evidence of
the gates of hell."

"Come out of her my people.
Do not say that you belong
to this church or that church. Belong
only to Christ. Be His possession."

"Surrender, give up, lay down
your life. Accept what God
has set before you. Walk in the
moment of your own path without
any resistance. Don’t be manipulated
or controlled any longer.

The teacher is only an old man
dressed in rags. Everyone is
thirsty and he is the one who
carries the pail of water."

--from Like a Leaf on a River:

Like a Leaf on a River

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