Friday, October 8, 2010

Hill of the Jawbone

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
27 April 2007

I am at the Jawbone Canyon Store on Highway 14 somewhere between Mohave and Ridgecrest, California. Looks like it will be sunny and hot today--maybe up to 90 degrees F. I got sunburned pretty good yesterday walking through Palmdale and Lancaster. I finally got a couple of rides from Lancaster later yesterday afternoon and slept outside in Mohave last night.

I left Riverton, Wyoming Monday morning (23 April) and hitchhiked to Helper, Utah where I stayed at a mission for the night. The next day I hitchhiked through Utah and the Navajo Indian Reservation (very beautiful country) in Arizona and made my way to Cameron where I slept in the desert. The next day I hitchhiked to Flagstaff where the Lord showed me a few things. I later got a ride from Ash Fork, Arizona to Palmdale, California with a truck driver.

I was a bit surprised that the Lord wanted me to head back to California so soon--I was just here two weeks ago. Obedience is better than sacrifice. There is no doubt that I am here at the Jawbone Canyon Store for a reason: “with the jawbone of an ass I have slain a thousand men.”


I am here at the public library in Lone Pine, California. After I left the Jawbone Canyon Store, I walked maybe three miles and got a ride to Olancha with a retired Jewish couple from Jerusalem, Israel. I had a nice talk with the wife--the husband’s English wasn’t so good; I don’t know much Hebrew, but she corrected me on my pronunciation of “kabbash” (pronounced “kavash”). She and her husband spoke mostly in Hebrew to each other. They were very friendly. She said that I should go to Israel someday. If it is God’s will, it would be great to travel around Israel. I could visit Jerusalem, Jericho and maybe Ramath-lehi (hill of the jawbone).

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